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Cristina, Landlord from Spain Landlord from Spain

Beroomers surprised me because I rented my flat really quickly and, above all, the team was closely involved to achieve this.

I have had a very good experience with students and I will surely repeat!

Marco, Roomer from Mexico Roomer from Mexico

I would like to thank Beroomers team, who, from the first moment, was committed to help us to find accommodation.

I highly recommend this website to search for offers and make a reservation.
The staff is really nice and they are always ready to help.

Thanks for such a great service!

Miguel, Landlord from Spain Landlord from Spain

My experience with Beroomers has been favorable, and I look forward to working with your team even more closely in the future.

Avani, Roomer from India Roomer from India

When I faced the challenge of finding a room in London, near my University, and before I had left my home place in India, I felt a bit lost.

But then I was very lucky to find Beroomers and my perfect home in London with them.

Thanks to the Beroomers Team!

Alfredo y Francisca, Landlords from Spain Landlords from Spain

I wanted to thank all the team and especially the Landlords Support Team for the interest taken.

You will have a friend rather than a customer in me.

Kelly, Roomer from USA Roomer from USA

I arrived at Barcelona one month ago for an Internship and thanks to Beroomers support I had booked an accommodation before I arrived.

The process was very easy and quick, they helped me a lot.
I am very happy with my choice, and my flatmates couldn’t be nicer, we always hang out together.

Maribel, Landlord from Spain itemprop= Landlord from Spain

I have been working with Beroomers for almost a year and the experience has been positive.

Thanks to their support I have found tenants really soon and they have helped me in everything I needed.

Ida, Roomer from Italy Roomer from Italy

Beroomers team helped me so much when I was looking for a room in Valencia!

They offer the best flats for students you can find in the city. They also make sure that everything goes well during your stay.

I am very satisfied with the service they offer and I would recommend it to everybody.