10 DIY Tutorials to design the best room ever

Are you moving to a dorm or a shared flat? Do you want to give your room a personal touch? Do you have a small budget to do it? If you answered “YES”, “YES” and “HELL YES!” to this questions then this post is specially for you! Keep reading and discover how to do it with this DIY Tutorials!


Let there be light – DIY Lighting Ideas

Use Light Strings! They look awesome and they are really easy to and you can eve use them as photo

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 18.58.03

(Check the stars tutorial here: Monmakesthings.com)


(Source: Fairy Lights Tutorial )

letra con bombillas 3 marquee letter 3

(Make your own letter with this wonderful DIY Tutorial )

(Source: Lachicadelacasadecaramelo )


DIY to organise your stuff beautifully



(Make your own Cork Vases and Containers Check the entire tutorial )

(Source: DesignSponge )


(Organise your power cords with this Washi Tape Flag Labels)

(Source: Landeeseelandeedo.com )

(DIY to organise your Junk Drawer)

(Source: Click here to Know More Smart Small Space Solutions)


Do – your everyday items – Yourself:

(DIY Fleece tie blanket Video Tutorial by Dani Noe )

———————————————————————————Transform your space with Washi tape!


(Source: Buzzfeed )


Source: Appartmentheraphy

enhanced-buzz-6802-1375216628-11 (2)

Source: Diamonds Tutorial

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 20.05.40


(Source: Washi Tape Tutorial )


(Source: More Washi tape DIY / Furniture Ideas)

Are you still searching for the perfect room? Take a look at ours !


(Source cover: Stacie – Flickr )

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