Flatsharing is a once in a lifetime experience

Flatshare: 4 Reasons to Choose One!

Are you planning to move house? Sometimes this can be an overwhelming experience, particularly if you are not sure if you would rather like a flatshare or to relax in a complete apartment for yourself. Although both options have plenty of advantages, in this post we would like to put forward 4 key reasons to have roommates. Let’s begin!

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  1. Make Friends For a Lifetime

    When you house share, not only you share a flat with others. In fact, there’s much more involved, as you get to share life experiences. And there’s no better way to make longlife friends than talking with them about your ups and downs!
    Plus, your flatmates can be the best circle of friends when arriving to a new city. It makes going out much easier. Bear in mind that the friends of your roommates will become your own friends 😉

    Flatmates from different cultures

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  2. Get To Know Other Worldviews

    Are you curious about other cultures? Then you will love a flatshare with people from other nationalities. It’s the better way to see your own customs through the prism of another worldview, which can be even opposite to yours. Not to mention the possibility of discovering new food preparations and ingredients.

    Homemade food

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  3. Spend Less Money

    An obvious one: sharing accommodation makes independence more affordable. Rental rates for one person are dramatically reduced thanks to flatshares. Sharing is saving!
    In some cities, where rentals are really expensive, this is the lifesaver for some students and young professionals looking for accommodation.

  4. Split Housework With Roommates

    And last but not least…It can be quite difficult to go from living with your parents to living completely alone. Although some survival tips could help, why not split housework between several roomers? It becomes more bearable!

    Group of friends

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So…flatshares rock! Share your experience with roommates below and help the undecided 😉

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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