4 steps to Make Money with Beroomers

Hey Roomer! Still looking for accommodation? Know of anyone who’s looking for a room? This is your opportunity to help your friends (or even your enemies) and make some money with it. They’ll all love you for it

For every friend that registers on Beroomers and books a room you will make 30€. Sky is the limit, so the more friends you invite, the more money you make. Go, Go, Go Beroomers!

How does it Work:


2.- LIKE OUR BEROOMERS FAN PAGE: Beroomers Facebook Fan Page


4.- INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO BEROOMERS: Spread the word and let all your friends know about us. The more friends get to know, the more money you’ll be able to make.

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

If you're looking for accommodation, remember that in Beroomers we are willing to help you in more than 50 destinations worldwide.

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