Accommodation for Students at Berklee Valencia

You have been accepted at Berklee Valencia…CONGRATULATIONS!

Probably as soon as you reach Valencia you are going to be busy making new friends, preparing  your new course, doing the entire paper sheet that you need to do when you move abroad, etc. And then  you also have to add the most stressful part…finding accommodation. We don’t want you to stress out, so breathe and get in a comfortable position because you are going to find accommodation without moving a finger (actually, only moving a finger). Keep reading to see which neighbourhood of Valencia suits you more.

Option 1: City of Arts and Science

Berklee is located in the Opera House Queen Sofia, within the architectural enclave of City of Arts and Science. The first building of this architectural complex was inaugurated in 1998, so it is a pretty modern area, surrounded by gardens and areas to practice sport.


The buildings around it are new and many of them are compounds which include common areas such as gyms, swimming pools and green areas. This side of Avenida de Francia is full of restaurants and bars. You can also find there ‘El Corte Inglés’, which is the largest department store in Spain and Aqua, a shopping mall that has all you might need (shops, cinema and restaurants).

It is also a very young area and you can walk to Berklee every day. Although it is slightly far from the city centre, you can still walk or cycle. This is not a typical student area, so it is more common to rent the whole apartment than rooms in a share flat. The rent depends on the amenities that the building has, but a room in a shared flat would be around 300-400€. However, you must check carefully if the community expenses are included on the rent.


Option 2: Ruzafa

This is Valencia’s bohemian and hip area. Many young people who used to live in El Carmen (the Old City) moved to Ruzafa because it is cheaper, there are fewer tourists and of course…it is cooler! Ruzafa is a very vibrant area full of independent shops, cool cafés and restaurants.

In this area it will be easier to find a room in a share flat or an affordable studio. Make sure when you rent your apartment that there is no bar or terrace below because it can be very noisy, especially during summer time.

Plus, it is not far from Berklee University. You can easily cover the distance in 20 minutes walking or ride a public bike Valenbici, which won’t take you more than 10 minutes. If you are a bit lazy you can always take the bus, for instance the line 19 of the EMT (red buses) will drive you to class in less than 10 min.



Option 3: University Area

This area goes from ‘Blasco Ibañez’ to ‘Avenida de los Naranjos’ (more or less). Many students choose to live here due to the proximity to their university. Even though, it is not as close from Berklee University it is a very reasonable distance to cover by foot, since it will only take you around half an hour. You can also take the bus (EMT 18) but it takes more or less the same time than walking.


This area has many advantages, for instance rent is quite low and it is easy to find a shared flat with students. It also has some squares such as ‘Honduras’ or ‘El Cedro’ that are very popular amongst students to go for drinks, restaurants and the prices are also student friendly. In my opinion, this is the perfect area for students because rent is not so expensive, the conditions of the apartments are generally good and there is a nice student vibe.

If moving to a new city without knowing anyone stresses you out but at the same time you can’t be bothered to share an apartment, the student hall is the perfect option for you. It allows you to meet lots of different people but at the same time you have the privacy of your own room and in some cases your own bathroom. If this sounds like a good fit for you but you are still hesitating, check our article about the advantages of living in a student hall.

ValenciaUPVstudenthall (1)

Now you know about where to live in Valencia, so just go on, check out our rooms and student halls and make your reservations. It is as simple as that.

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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