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5 Day Trips from Madrid To Discover (I)

Are you living abroad in Madrid? The capital of Spain is a big city indeed, with plenty of things to do and places to visit. However, it is sometimes necessary to wind down from the hustle, isn’t it? This list of 5 day trips from Madrid to discover is exactly for that (and, of course, so that you can make the most out of your experience abroad!) All of them are less than 1 hour and a half away from the city by car.


Ávila is perhaps one of the most photographed cities in Spain, and it’s only one hour and a half away by car from Madrid. Be prepared to gaze at the impressive defensive walls that embrace the city. The atmosphere is quiet…things go slower here, with people strolling along cobblestone streets and locals enjoying traditional food. Don’t forget to go inside the first Spanish Gothic cathedral and the Basilica of San Vicente. A real gem!

Ávila: day trip from Madrid

Source: María Rosa Ferré (

And these are the route directions to get there!

San Juan Reservoir

Commonly known as “the beach of Madrid”, this reservoir is 1 hour away by car and it’s a perfect place to practice water sports, go camping or to take a boat ride. A popular Spanish song from the 80s about Madrid says “Vaya, vaya, aquí no hay playa” (“Oh, there’s no beach here”). Well, this day trip from Madrid contradicts the band The Refrescos 😉

Day trips from Madrid: San Juan Reservoir

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And these are the route directions to get there!

Segovia & La Granja de San Ildefonso

The city of Segovia and its Roman Aqueduct were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1985. Do we need to say more about it? 😉 There’s absolutely no one in Spain who doesn’t know this monument, and every children at school learns its story. Drive little more than 1 hour from Madrid and you’ll find this:

Day trip from Madrid: Segovia & its aqueduct

Aqueduct of Segovia. Source: Tomás Fano (

On your return, take a 20 minutes detour to visit the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, where we recommend you the guided visit option. However, if you’re not in the mood you can just relax a bit on its gardens and fountains (tip: to see the flowers in bloom, go in spring).

Granja de San Ildefonso: day trips

Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso. Source: giborn_134

And these are the route directions to get there!

Castle of Manzanares el Real & La Pedriza

If you love spending time in nature, I recommend you to drive 50 minutes North to the medieval palace-fortress of Manzanares el Real. Also known as the Mendoza Castle for the family who rebuilt it, it’s view on top of a hill will impress you. Near Manzanares River and within the Guadarrama National Park, it’s one of the best preserved castles of the Community of Madrid.

Day trips from Madrid: medieval castle

Medieval Castle Manzanares El Real. Source: pegatina1

Once you’re there, why not explore a little bit further and follow the road until La Pedriza. Pack your hiking boots! Trekking and climbing lovers are welcome for one of the most adventurous trips from Madrid!

And these are the route directions to get there!

The Forest of El Castañar de El Tiemblo

One of the most special day trips from Madrid you can experience is to spend the day out in this forest. Prepare a Spanish bocadillo, take your water bottle with you, put your boots on and drive about 1 hour to the town of El Tiemblo and its popular forest of ancient chestnut trees. The route is easy so don’t worry about that! Are you in need of some fresh air?

Day trips from Madrid: chestnut trees forest

El Castañar de El Tiemblo. Source:

And these are the route directions to get there!

Are you missing any other day trips from Madrid you would like to share? Let us know on our comments below!

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