5 Easy And Cheap Recipes for Students To Cook Like A Boss

Cooking is key if you are planning to be the best roommate ever!

We say “the way to a roomer’s heart is through his stomach”  so we would like to help you to conquer the art of cooking with this five easy and cheap international recipes.

1) Damn good French Toast:

Everybody loves Brunch!  Learn how to cook a delicious French toast with this video tutorial.

(See the recipe)

2) How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs :

If you prefer the “American breakfast” style you must conquer the scrambled eggs cooking… Yummy!

Watch the Video Tutorial

3) Chicken Fingers:

Chicken fingers are worldwide loved by every student on Earth so if you learn to cook them well… you might become the Living Legend of Master Chefs around the world 😉

(See the recipe)

4) Sushirrito ( Sushi + Burrito = Awesomeness )

It is a cool mix of Sushi and Burrito…It is very easy to cook and very creative as you can see!


(See the entire recipe)

sushirrito-RICE- (1)





5) Tuna Melt :

If you love sandwiches this one is a must! Take note and learn the easy way with this video

(See the recipe)

We hope you try this recipes very soon… If you do, don´t forget to share some pics with us in Instagram or Pinterest!

And if you have any friend or roomer who needs this post more than you please share!  More about cooking? Discover 8 paellas you would die for

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We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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