5 London Bookshops Every Book Lover Must Visit

We wanted to celebrate with you,  our Book Lovers, the World Book day! Great writers such as Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes died on this date, April 23th. We have chosen as stage for this epic celebration the city of London. This city is the king of the bookstores in Europe. Actually, you could find big bookstore brands as Foyles or Waterstones every 500 meters. But we know that  a real book lover like you prefers to visit the enchanted ones so we have chosen our favourites.


Because you can´t see such cool initiatives in other city!


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Although this initiative is old, we wanted to speak about it and inspire you to do it in your home town!

Anyway you have come here looking for enchanted bookstores and here you got our London favourites ones.

1) Notting Hill Travel Bookstore:

This old Bookstore was the inspiration for the Notting Hill film and unfortunately it closed its doors in 2011. But this bookstore was one of the famous spots in Portobello Road so a new bookstore opened in its place.


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We still can see this old Bookstore in the film!

2) Daunt Bookshop:

This Edwardian Bookshop is a MUST VISIT if you are a real book lover.

This bookshop has a library feel and it is well known for its stunning balconies and its oak galleries. You could also find some of its bookshelves covered in beautiful patterns which makes the bookstore feel very homely. All this makes it number 45 in TimeOut list of the best 100 shops in London. (Daunt Books website)


(Vía Flickr: Paul Joseph )


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2726618784_23e8f3c6d7_z(Vía Flickr: Susan )

3) Any Amount Of Books:

This bookshop is one of the best secondhand bookshops of London.

Rare books could be found in this awesome bookshop. You could also find books from 1 pound to tooled leather bindings at 10-15 pounds. Although it is a secondhand bookshop (full of non digital paperback books) they engaged through social media networks with the secondhand book fans which is pretty useful and cool! (Check its Facebook and its Twitter ) (If you are a secondhand fan check the best secondhand bookshops post!)

Looking forward to go? You will find it in Charing Cross Road, a street committed to book selling.

( Any Amount Of Books  Website )


(Vía Flickr: Jmm )

4) Gosh Comics:

It is one of the best comics stores in London. Its superb comics and self-published work selection made it famous.

Although they are specialized in graphic novels, as you can see in their tumblr account they have got something for everyone! So wether you are a comics lover or you are just curious about them… have a look at this cool bookshop located in Soho, the heart of London. (Gosh Comics Website) (Have a look at Gosh´s Facebook and Twitter accounts.)


(Vía Flickr: Workipana )

5) Persephone Books:

This awesome bookshop is well known since one of its published books became a word-of-mouth bestseller. But the initial idea of Nicola Beauman when founded this bookshop was “to publish a handful of “lost” or out-of-print books every year, most of them interwar novels by women, and to sell them by post” (as she said in an Interview in 2012, The Guardian )

This powerful woman was aiming to resurrect “forgotten” novels and publish them. We guess that is why they have chosen the “Persephone” goddess name (Daughter of Zeus, Queen of the underworld.)

(Persephone Facebook and Twitter accounts ) (Persephone Website )


(Vía Flickr: David Perry )


The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page!

So you should travel to have the opportunity to visit amazing places such as the bookshops we have been talking about… (There is plenty of rooms waiting for you in London!)


We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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