5 Spanish Movies You Cannot Miss

Cinema is always a good way to discover new cultures. So if you are moving to Spain, we recommend you some movies that you should definitely watch to get a grasp of this amazing culture.

Spanish Affair (8 Apellidos Vascos) 2014:

This is the highest-grossing movie of the history of the Spanish cinema. Moreover, it has won several Goya (the Spanish cinema awards), one of them to the main actor Dani Rovira in the category of Newcomer.  It is a romantic comedy that talks about cultural differences and clichés in the North and South of Spain.

El Niño (2014)

This thriller relates the problematic of drugs dealing in the South of Spain and how a group of young guys end up involved in this dirty business. This film allowed us discovering the handsome actor Jesus Castro and the movie won 4 Goya (the Spanish Cinema Award).

Volver (2006)

This movie is one of the master pieces of the famous director Pedro Almodóvar. Penelope Cruz, won the Oscar in the category of Best Actress for her role as Raimunda and the film was nominated to many prestigious awards such as Goya, Bafta, Oscar, etc.

The development of the film is completely surprising, so the less you know about it, the more you will appreciate it. I will only tell you that it takes place in ‘La Mancha’, which is Almodovar’s area of origin and it is the story of the women from three different generations.

Belle Epoque (1992)

This is the story of a soldier who, after deserting from the army, is welcomed by a local villager in his farm. The problem comes when the four daughters of the farmer fall in love with the soldier, and the soldier also seems to like all of them.

It won the Oscar in the category of best foreigner movie in 1992. A young Penelope Cruz plays a role in this movie but also other important Spanish actors such as Fernano Fernán Gómez and Maribel Verdú.

Thesis (Tésis) 1996

This thriller is the debut of the famous director Alejandro Aménabar, who has also directed more famous films such as ‘Abre los ojos’(Open your eyes) which was remade in Hollywood with the name of Vanilla Sky or The Others with Nicole Kidman. The film won 7 Goya Awards.

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