5 Things you Must Do When you Move to Spain

Hi there! did you just landed in Spain? new country, new culture, new house, new friends … and so many things to do! Relax….there are just a few things that you must do and we explain them all in this article, so keep reading and follow our instructions

1. Health Card

I am sure your mum already told you around a thousand times but…. This is definitely one of the most important things that you need.
The process to get a Health Card varies completely for EU and Non- EU students.

  1. EU Students: You must apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which gives you access to any medical treatment you might need. All the information you need about this card can be found in the European Commission webpage.
  2. Non- EU students: You need a private insurance in order to apply for your visa. Before attending to the doctor in Spain, you must check with your insurance which centers it covers. Possibly you will have to pay for the treatment and then the insurance will reimburse it, so remember to ask for all the invoices!

european health card

2. NIE – Number of Identification for Foreigners

The NIE which means Number of Identification for Foreigners is a unique number which is assigned to each individual and cannot be transferred.  You only need it if you are planning to work in Spain and to open a bank account.

In order to get it you must go to the ‘Centro de Extranjeros’ (Foreigners Centre) of your city and take the following papers:

  • Print of the official formulary
  • ID document or passport plus a photocopy of it
  • A card size picture
  • A document that verifies the reasons why you are applying for it.

They only give a certain amount of numbers per day, so you must go super early in the morning (before 7: 30 at least).

3. Mobile SIM Card

Once you are set in Spain you will definitely need a telephone number. Before jumping into a contract you should think about how long you are going to spend in Spain. Some companies offer term contract, whereas others force you to stay for 1 or 2 years.

You could also consider to get a  pay-as-you-go solution.Read our article about phones in Spain to know more about it.

mobile phone card

4. Bank Account

Opening a bank account is not compulsory but it might help you to manage your money easily. If you are a young student (under 26) banks normally have some special offers for you. In many cases the University you attend to has a special agreement with a bank, so you can benefit from this. Otherwise, I recommend joining EVO Bank because they let you to take money for free from any ATM in Europe.

5. Student card

Getting a student card such as ISIC will give you many discounts in transport, accommodation, restaurants, etc. Some tourist attractions also offer student discounts but you must show that you are still a student and they might ask for the card.


These are some of the most annoying and boring things to do, so having a nice home to come back after a hard day dealing with spanish bureaucracy is very important. So be clever and book your accommodation before arriving to Spain. It is very simple, go into our webpage Beroomers.com, find your ideal home and book online.



We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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