Runner in Parque de Cabecera (Valencia)

6 Running Routes in Valencia + Useful Websites & Apps!

Valencia is a dream city for runners. Its surface is flat, the weather is mild (except in summer days, when it gets hot) and there are wide green areas and gardens. There’s even a 5k track designed for runners!

These are some of the most popular running routes in Valencia. Don’t forget to check the useful websites and apps at the end of the post!

Running Routes in Valencia

1. Parque de Cabecera

Where: Cabecera Park (Parque de Cabecera – West Valencia). See location on Google Maps here.
Start at: Puente 9 d’Octubre. It’s a circular route.
Length: 2.4km maximum, but there are shortcuts if you want to spend less time.
Surface: mainly soil and flat surface (there are some slopes and steps along the way).
What we like about it: it’s perfect to relax and breathe fresh air, surrounded by trees, grass and fountains.

Runner in Parque de Cabecera (Valencia)

Parque de Cabecera. Source: Víctor Gutiérrez Navarro (Wikimedia Commons)

2. Marina Real Rey Juan Carlos I & Beach

Where: the Valencian seafront. See location on Google Maps here.
Start at: Marina Real Juan Carlos I building in the port. Then go North until you reach the end of the promenade at Patacona.
Length: 5.2km. Turn around when you feel like it!
Surface: concrete and asphalt.
What we like about it: the sea breeze and views are an extra motivation!

Malvarrosa Promenade in Valencia

Malvarrosa Promenade. Source: 16:9clue (

3. Blasco Ibáñez Area

Where: Central gardens on Blasco Ibáñez Avenue. See location on Google Maps here.
Start at: the nearest point to you! Any point is fine.
Length: the avenue is about 3km long.
Surface: mainly soil, there’s some concrete as well.
What we like about it: if you live near Blasco Ibáñez, it’s really easy to put your shoes on and run for as long as you want! You’ll meet other runners there.

Blasco Ibáñez Avenue in Valencia

Source: Espencat (Wikimedia Commons)

4. Circuit 5K at Turia Gardens

Where: Turia Gardens. See location on Google Maps here.
Start at: Any point is a nice start.
Length: 5.7km.
Surface: special pavement for runners.
What we like about it: Its trail is specifically for runners, with a certified pavement designed to soften runner’s footsteps. It has light signals and areas for warm up exercises. Turia Gardens are a really nice place to run or promenade, with plenty of trees and grass areas.

Circuit 5K in Valencia

Source: Dorieo (Wikimedia Commons)

5. Jardines del Real – Viveros

Where: Jardines del Real – Viveros Gardens. See location on Google Maps here.
Start at: the side of the park closer to you!
Length: 1km from one side to the opposite side of the park.
Surface: soil and grass. Some steps.
What we like about it: Its relaxing atmosphere and old tall trees which provide shade to all runners.

Jardines del Real (Viveros) in Valencia

Source: Joanbanjo (Wikimedia Commons)

6. Parque del Oeste (West Park)

Where: West Park near to Cid Avenue in Valencia. See location on Google Maps here.
Start at: Its door!
Length: 500m from one side to the opposite side of the park.
Surface: grass and concrete.
What we like about it: This park is not the biggest one in Valencia. However, the atmosphere is nice and if you live near here it’s a very convenient option.

Useful Websites & Apps For Runners

1. Websites about running in Valencia

  • Valencia Ciudad del Running: If you want to be aware of running events in the city, then you’ll find this website really useful! It also gathers practical information linked to athletics. Follow their social media and you won’t miss a single race.
  • Valencia Runner: Check this website for information on popular races, including photographs and race calendars (running, trail and triathlon) in the province of Valencia, not only in the city.
  • Map My Run: Search a running trail or course in Valencia near home! It’s very easy to use, as routes are created by other users and plotted on the map. In fact, you can find running routes all over the world.

2. Websites with general info

  • Runners World: Here you will find tips on choosing the right running shoes, a tool to customize your training plan and even recipes to try at home.
  • Carreras Populares: Do you have any doubt about running? The forum on this website is a good place to post it! We especially recommend their calculators and calendar. It’s only in Spanish (good opportunity to learn new vocab if you’re living in Valencia).
  • Walk Jog Run: Type your ZIP code and find routes nearby! As simple and clever as that 🙂 For example, in Valencia there are +250 running routes to be discovered.

3. Apps for running

  • Runtastic: This website has many Apps related to running and athletics! One of the most original ones is the Sleep Better one. This App tells you how your habits may be affecting your rest. Having a good night’s sleep is key for exercising!
  • Endomondo: This app is like having a personal trainer in your pocket! You can set your goals, see how you’re doing and receive encouragement from your friends, which is always a plus.
  • Run Keeper: With +50 million runners, this app allows you to set your own goals, join challenges, see your progress and celebrate it with your friends (amongst many other features). They even offer a Spotify integration!
  • Strava: Run and check the detailed analysis about your results. You may also share your routes with your friends and the rest of the community!
  • Zombies, run!: Join +1 million players on the 200 zombie chases. If you need extra motivation for running, this is the perfect App for you!

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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