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7 Reasons To Do Your Erasmus In Madrid

If you’re wondering if doing your Erasmus in Madrid will be worth it, don’t miss these 7 reasons to choose Madrid that will convince you! You will have the time of your life in the capital city of Spain, an Erasmus experience impossible to forget 😉

Reason #1: Delicious (Sunny) Weather

It may seem a cliché but the truth is that, when it comes to daily life, the weather can make such a difference. You’ll enjoy going out at night, doing your groceries or walking along the majestic streets during your Erasmus in Madrid…It is said that weather forges the personality of Spaniards. You’ll find it out for yourself 😉

Why to do your Erasmus in Madrid


Reason #2: Madrid is a non-stop city for Erasmus

Madrid is just perfect for an incredible night out, with so many nightlife spots to party scattered throughout the city. Almost each neighbourhood has its own area. However, the city centre around Sol neighbourhood offers a magical atmosphere at night, with so many people dining out and passing by. Madrid is said to be “the city that never sleeps”. And it’s true!
Apart from that, entertainment possibilities are endless: museums, cinemas, theatres, trips, amusement parks…It’s impossible to experience everything during your Erasmus in Madrid, but you may give it a try!

Erasmus experience in Madrid: nightlife


Reason #3: +Affordable Rooms for Rent in Madrid

In comparison to other capital cities around Europe, rooms for rent in Madrid are more affordable. If this is something which worries you, check out our tips on how to find student housing in Madrid. If you look in advance you should have no problem to find an apartment or student hall which meets your needs.

Reason #4: Tapas, Tapas!

…And other B.F. inventions (Before Foodies populated the face of the Earth), which seem to have been thought of to attract people to bars and restaurants. Cod croquettes in centenary tavern Casa Labra, squid sandwiches (bocatas de calamares) in the central square of Plaza Mayor, Spanish omelette, chocolate con churros in Chocolatería San Ginés…This is one of the reasons to do your Erasmus in Madrid that you must consider!

Why to do your erasmus in madrid: tapas & food

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Reason #5: Choose Madrid for Erasmus, the Cosmopolitan City

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city with an international and open-minded atmosphere. In fact, the neighbourhood of Chueca is the most well-known gay-friendly area in Spain. Here you will have the best of 2 worlds for your Erasmus in Madrid: the traditional castizo feeling and the international scope of the city.

Erasmus in Madrid


Reason #6: It’s Easier to Learn Spanish

Definitely one of the strongest points of Madrid is that it’s one of the best parts in Spain to learn the “standard language”. Other regions have their own local language (with different levels of usage), which is used in the street and in the classroom, making it sometimes a challenge to learn Spanish. This is not the case of Madrid, where in fact the accent is pretty neutral and easy to understand.

Reason #7: The Perfect Hub for Visiting Spain

To get the most out of your Erasmus experience you must visit other parts of Spain! Madrid is the ideal place for this, as it’s connected to other cities by train, car and aeroplane. You may find inspiration on our blog, on the posts 5 Day Trips from Madrid part 1 and 5 Day Trips from Madrid part 2.

Erasmus experience in Madrid: choosing the city

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These are the top 7 reasons to do your Erasmus in Madrid. Feel free to add any extra reason on the comments section below!

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