8 Paellas you would die for

Everybody knows that “Paella” is a typical dish from Spain but in “Valenciano” it means “pan”. The Etymology of the word comes from the arabic word Ba-Ella which means rice with vegetables and meat. La Paella is rooted in levante but each part of our country as added their own fresh local ingredients so we do have lots of paella´s recipes! Although we have summarized ten of them in this post.

Check how it looks each of it and learn how we call each of them in Spanish. Bon Appetit “y que aproveche”!!


Is the most popular recipe in Spain. Between the ingredients you will find hare and vegetables.


Valencian paella


Those more on the meat side will love this recipe! We usually have this paella on our weekend family meeting´s. This recipe it´s usually made with chicken and it also have lots of black pepper and sweet pepper.

Meat paella

SEAFOOD PAELLA – Sailors Favorite Paella, Arggg!!!!

The perfect paella for those who like to bite and taste the Mediterranean. It contains all kinds of seafood: prawns, shrimps, oysters and clams. We always recommend to have it nearby the beach to improve even more the experience!!

Seafood paella

MIXED PAELLA – All in one paella

The perfect recipe for those who want to taste both (Seafood and Meat types) here you got them mixed: Meat, squids and shrimps in the same paella.

Mixed paella

BLACK PAELLA – Only for the brave souls

This kind of paella is typical from Galicia. It´s called “black” because it takes their black colour from the squid´s ink. This addition determines not only it´s colour but also it´s flavour.

Black paella

WHITE PAELLA – Pork Delights

This kind of recipe is really simple but it obtains outstanding results. It takes its white colour from the absence of colourant and it contains ham and salami as main ingredients. You maybe find it like a “tapa” in some areas of Andalucía.

White paella

VEGETARIAN PAELLA – Take a walk on the vegetarian side

For veggies and vegetables lovers, this is the perfect Paella kind for you!! Its ingredients are artichokes, mushrooms, olives and delight peppers.

Vegetarian paella


It´s similar to the seafood one but in an first class style. It´s original from Huelva which is a famous area for its quality seafood. Because it contains lobster there is no need to mix it with anything else.

Lobster paella

TAILORED PAELLA – The Customized One

Paella is just a way of cooking rice so… taste them all and find which ingredients work for you!!!


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  • Ernesto Maitim

    I hope there are restaurants that offer paellas in tapas portion (small plate for one). As it is, most serve large sized paeĺlas good for two or more.

    • Clara from The BeTeam

      Hi, Ernesto! That options is becoming more and more popular lately! Just ask for it when you sit down at a restaurant. I hope you have good luck! 🙂

    • Clara from The BeTeam

      Hi, Ernesto! That option is becoming more and more popular lately! Just ask for it when you sit down at a restaurant. I hope you have good luck! 🙂

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