Student Secrets to Live in Central London

This is not another boring “most known neighbourhoods” post. I wrote the post I wish I found before I moved to London as a student.

What I wanted to share with you is some real insights about neighbourhoods I discovered while I was living in London.

What I found out is that among the “famous neighbourhoods” there are certain neighbourhoods where a student could afford to live! YAY! I discovered this once I moved in but I am going to share with you all my knowledge about it and some secrets to find the perfect student home in London!

Moreover London it is a huge city so if you spend time choosing the perfect neighbourhood you will save a lot of money in commuting!


I am going to write about five neighbourhoods/areas in london:

1) Bayswater: perfect for Parks lovers!

(Tube Stations: Queensway & Bayswater & Lancaster Gate.)

I really love running that is why I started looking at  Google Maps searching for some neighbourhood near Hyde Park where prices were not so expensive.

Finally I found one neighbourhood between Notting Hill and Paddington! This neighbourhood is called Bayswater and is bordered by Notting Hill, Paddington and Kensington Gardens. It is a very nice neighbourhood for students!

This neighbourhood has a lot to offer: Chinese and Tai cheap takeaways, a cozy mall (where you could find big brands such as Zara) small coffee shops, a gym…

Another huge plus is that it is nose to nose with Notting Hill which means that you are 5 minutes walking distance from Notting Hill amenities without paying its rental prices.

What I enjoyed the most of living here were my walks around Kensington. If you happen to live in Bayswater you could take a walk through Kensington Gardens and visit the best London Museums for free (My favourite is the Natural History Museum) or you could either wake up on a Saturday morning and go to portobello road market!

pond lake - kensington gardens

(Source: Michiel Jelijs)

2) Pimlico: London´s Heart

(Tube Stations: Victoria, Pimlico & Sloane Square.)

This often overlooked neighbourhood, located in the heart of London, is bordered by beautiful neighbourhoods such as Kensington, Chelsea and Belgravia. It is a good alternative for those who want to live in the heart of London avoiding expensive rentals.

Another plus of this neighbourhood is the public transport! Victoria Station is nearby and very well connected with Gatwick Airport thanks to the Gatwick Express Train! Actually in Victoria Station  you will find railways, tube lines and buses that is why it is one of the busiest stations in London.

the orange

(Source: Ewan Munro)

What I enjoyed the most about living in this area is that you could either have a cheap meals in one of its local pubs like Pimlico Fresh or a chic brunch in a very nice and cozy Chelsea Pub like the one in the picture which is called “The Orange”. Another thing I found very enjoyable is that being a peaceful neighbourhood, you are close to Old Brompthon Road where you have lots of cool pubs.





3) Maida Vale: London´s Little Venice

(Tube Stations: Maida Vale & Warwick Avenue.)

Canals and a village feel characterize Maida Vale which is located in central London close to Notting Hill and St Johns Wood. Thanks to its famous canals which make it looks like a “Little Venice” is well connected with Camden and central London.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 16.27.41

(Source: Adrian Scottow – Flickr)

Another plus is that once you get tired of London´s double-decker buses you could give it a try to Maida Vale´s waterbus!

Nowadays living on a boat could be cheaper than on land that is why this area is growing in popularity as an alternative to renting a flat. You could even find students living inside boats floating in Maida Vale canals!

(But if you are a land lover… take a look at our Maida Vale rooms)


4) Fulham:

(Tube Stations: Parsons Green & Fulham Broadway )

This neighbourhood is bordered by Kensington, Earls Court and Parsons Green. It is characterized by its culinary diversity and its green spaces: Parsons Green, Bishops Park and Fulham Palace Gardens. This expansive park space allows for friendly football/baseball competitions and spontaneous picnics.

On Sundays I used to go to the Aragon House Garden. It is a pub with a backyard garden where you can have delicious BBQs!

Are looking forward to live here? Look at our available rooms in Parsons Green!


5) Shepherd´s Bush – Shopping Heaven

(Tube Stations: Shepherd´s Bush & Fulham Broadway )

Its most famous attraction is Westfield Mall which is Europe´s largest inner city shopping mall. Nevertheless if you are not a “malls fan” Shepherd´s Bush has its own market as well. It is also well connected to central London by Tube which is key!

But what I like the most about this neighbourhood is its huge variety of amenities: Sports bars, theatres, pubs and music venues.


I hope you have enjoyed this post 😉

Please share it with your friends and help them find the perfect London neighbourhood or… Keep Calm & Have a look at our London available student rooms!


We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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