Accommodation for Students at Harvard University

Although Harvard offers accommodation on campus, many students choose to live off campus for several reasons such as having more freedom or being able to live with their friends or partners. However, Boston is such an expensive city that finding accommodation can become quite challenging, but don’t worry… We have written the definitive housing guide for Boston!

Option 1: Boston, what a beautiful city!

If you are not familiar with Harvard University location neither with Boston, and you have been picturing yourself living in the centre of this beautiful city, forget about it. The majority of students live in greater Boston, because living in the city is quite inconvenient and very expensive. Boston is not so well connected by public transport with Harvard, since only the orange and the green subway lines get to some areas of the city. You could also go by car, but finding a parking spot is basically impossible and renting a car park will increase your monthly expenses in around 300$.

Boston 2

Option 2: Cambridge (Harvard Square, Cambridge port and Central Square)

Although this is where Harvard University is located and it seems like the most logical option to live, there are a few things that you should take into account before jumping in the deep end. Harvard Square is very close from the campus, so it will only take you around 5-10 minutes to walk there. You also have easy access to the T (tube) red line that will give you access to the rest of tube lines. Moreover, this area has a nice “neighbourhoody” atmosphere and there are many shops to buy the everyday necessities. The only disadvantage is that rent is quite expensive.


harvard 1


If you are looking for a more economical rent and you don’t mind to live a bit further from campus, you can live in Cambridgeport or Central Square. The first one is only 10 to 15 minutes away from campus and the price for the space is good. But there is limited access to amenities and it is not so close to the T line so if you have to commute during the winter you will have to stand outside to wait for the bus in windy Boston. On the other hand, Central Square is just a bit further (25 minutes walking) and easy access to the T (red line). It is a very lively neighbourhood because a lot of students and young professionals live here, so there are plenty of amenities.

harvard 2


Option 3: Somerville/ Davis Square

Both areas offer nicer and bigger apartments for less money than in other areas; often it also includes a parking spot. Plus, they have easy access to many shops and amenities such as restaurants in an area full of young people. Moreover, there is an easy access to the T (red line) that will take you to campus in around 15 minutes and also to the rest of the city. In general, both areas are a good choice.

Davis square


There are more student areas around Boston and you can get to know them by clicking here. Now that you know what it is going on in each neighbourhood, you just have to choose one, book your accommodation online and relax!! Go to beroomers and check it!!

Boston ida



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