Barcelona Neighbourhoods Guide for IESE Business Schools Students

Are you excited about moving to Barcelona? Nervous? No wonder! You got accepted in one of the top Business Schools worldwide and you are moving to the most cosmopolitan city of Spain, your year is going to be amazing!

So let us solve your first problem…accommodation! Keep reading to know which neighborhoods are the most convenient for IESE students and particularly for YOU!


IESE has two different campuses, North and South, both of them located in the neighbourhood of Pedralbes. Although this area hosts many universities, Pedralbes is one of the most selected neighbourhood of the city and it is well known for its quiet streets and magnificent parks. You could say Pedralbes is rather boring for a student looking forward to experience Barcelona. But, if on the other hand you want to focus on your studies and you don’t want anything to distract you, it is perfect.


The street where IESE is located (Avda. Pearson 21) is one of the most luxurious streets in the city, so you can imagine the prices for rent. However, if you move a bit towards the lower area of Pedralbes, closer to Avenida Diagonal, apartments are more affordable.


Sarrià was the last village to be incorporated to the city in 1921. Although traditionally it was populated by farmers, artisans, shopkeepers, etc. today has become an exclusive neighourhood (maybe not as much as Pedralbes). The main advantage is that you can walk to IESE everyday and it has good transport links with the city centre. On the other hand, it is rather expensive and there is not much to do, since it is mainly families who live there now.


University Area: Eixample Esquerra, Corts, Sant Gervassi

As its name suggests, this area is very popular for students not only because of the prices but also because many of the universities such as ‘Universidad de Barcelona’ and ‘Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona’ are located here.

             Eixample Esquerra

Eixample is a large neighbourhood divided in two different areas by ‘Passeig de Gràcia’. Whereas Eixample Dreta (the right part) is a very exclusive area, with expensive apartments and luxury shops, Eixample Esquerra (left part) is a student area. Apartments in this area are quite large and the prices are affordable. At night many students meet around ‘Plaça de l’Universitat’ because there are many cheap and cool places to have dinner.



Les Corts neighbourhood is the area between Eixample Esquerra and Pedralbes (where IESE is located) and it used to be a village as well. At the moment it is the financial district of Barcelona, where many of the multinationals are located. Don’t let the busy days confuse you, at night it is a quiet neighbourhood, except when Barça is playing because the Camp Nou is located here.

sarria sant gervassi

        Sant Gervassi

It is situated between Avenida Diagonal and Sarrià. It is very popular amongst students because it is right next to Pedralbes, and at the same time rents are affordable. Apartments are normally quite large and in good conditions and transportation to the city centre as well as to IESE are very convenient.



Gracia neighbourhood is the hip, bohemian part of the city. It used to be an independent village until 1897, when it became part of Barcelona. It still maintains its original charm, with large squares where bars set up their terraces, independent shops, young designers and vintage stores. A lot of young people are moving to this area because it is cheaper and apartments are quite large. The average rent for a three bedroom apartment would go from 500 to 700€.

Gràcia is not so close from IESE, approximately a 15 minutes commuting. However, if you enjoy the arty, bohemian atmosphere and you are going to have spare time, this is the perfect neighbourhood for you.

Plaza de gracia


Barcelona is quite a large city but I believe this is a good summary of the best neighbourhoods to live if you are studying at IESE. In any case, you can check our articles about Barcelona neighbourhoods and sport facilities to know more about the city.

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BCN ciutat Vella- IESE - copia

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