Batman vs Superman who is a better roomer?

We know that finding the perfect roomer is a huge deal so imagine if you had to choose between sharing a flat with Batman or with Superman! Who would you choose?

We have thought about it and here you have the pros and cons of Batman and Superman as roommates.

What if Batman was your roommate?

1) He is handsome and elegant (in both identities, in the secret one and in the public one!) It´s like as if you were living with “Barney” so it could be Legen… (wait for it) dary! Legendary!

2) Superman could heat your pizza but Batman could invite you to eat pizza… in Italy! Because he is rich as hell !

3)  He has his “Batmobile”, so going out with him is awesome!

4) Another pro is that Batman has a butler named Alfred, who is a great advisor! He will be in charge of the entire house and its appearance.


1) It’s very scary when he gets mad…

2) Sometimes you may not understand what is he saying!

 What if your roommate was Superman?


1) He is a handsome guy coming from another planet… so he can fly! He could give you a lift whenever you´re late!

2) He is “the man of steel” so he would not be scared when there is a “cockamouse” to be killed in the flat!

3) He is a nerd in his public identity but he still has his superpowers so he could help you to pass your exams!

4) His father is Russell Crowe!

5) He could clean the house in one minute!


1) He is not always super strong! Superman weakness is kryptonite…

2) His fortress of solitude is cold but not as cold as Batman´s Mansion!

Whether you choose one or the other we have a room for everybody! Check our rooms for superheroes here!


We would love to hear which one will you choose…so go to Twitter and tell us!

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PD: If you have not yet decided on one of them… you can watch their movie and decide!

(Source: Batman & Superman picture – JD Hancock Flickr )

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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