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If Berlin was an _____ what would it be?

In this post we wanted to show you 10 Berlin´s musts you should visit.

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If Berlin was an icon what would it be?

1) Icon: It would be an Ampelmann. This traffic light symbol was conceived in 13th 1961 by Karl Plegau in response to the growing threat of road traffic accidents. Since then it has been used in Berlin letting us walk around the city in a safely way.

Housing in Berlin

(Source: Malditofriki – Flickr)


2) Animal:  It would be a Bear. This animal is in Berlin´s Coat of arms which was used in the past as a way to seal documents. Nowadays it’s one of the famous icons of the city.

Although if we were speaking about a mythological animal Berlin should be a Phoenix. Germany as the phoenix obtained new life by arising from their own ashes in the past.

(More info about it in

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(Source: schneebär – flickr)


3) Meal: It would be a CurryWurst! Like the one in the picture from Berliner Currywurst & Coffeeshop(Knaackstraße 98, Berlin, Germany)

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(Source: Kai Hendry )


4) Art: It would be a Graffiti. Berlin´s Wall is a must when you visit Berlin so here is a creative way to do it: It´s called “the hidden path” and consist in three native berliners who guides you and show you the best city´s street art while they tells you their personal experience living in Berlin.


5) Picture/View: It would be a Berlin Tv Tower´s pic! (or the Gif Version!!)

They say you should go to Berlin TV Tower and pay 11€ but… we got a cheaper and better way to see Berlin´s best panoramic!! Go to the Park Inn at Alexanderplatz, up to the 37th floor and then go to the “viewing platform”; It´s just 3€ and you will see the view of the picture:

Homestay Berlin

(Source: Gabprr – Flickr)

We have discovered this awesome view thanks to Yvonne blog!


6) Journey: It would be a Berlin´s highlights bike tour.

Berlin is largely flat and it has plenty green areas, that´s why it´s the perfect city for cycling!! We highly recommend this kind of tours if you need to see Berlin´s musts in a weekend. If you move to Berlin, it´s a good idea too because it´s a great way to meet people once you arrive and it´s also fun…

We have chosen “Fat Tyre Bike Tours” because of their awesome reviews:

Student halls Berlin

Source: Flickr (Panos Asproulis )

(We found more bike rental info in this city break guide )


7) Season: It would be Winter. There is a german saying: “January cold, that’s how we like it.” (You will love it if you want to see the typical snowed Berlin´s view from the movies!) (Check the pros of going on Winter)

Still, Spring and Summer are the preferred time to visit Berlin because you can explore the city´s waterways, parks and lakes.

Housing in Berlin in Winter

(Source: Eirik Newth)


8) Quote: “Berlin is poor, but sexy” by Klaus Wowereit Governing Mayor (in a television interview, 2004)

Nowadays lots of startups are springing up all over Berlin, as the once ‘poor but sexy’ German capital expands into a creative technology hub.

(Check here PlugAndPlay´s Berlin Startup´s Hub and there is more info about Berlin´s Startups Boom…)


9) Building: It would be a Museum. The museum as a social phenomenon owes its origins to the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century.

The museum island complex is considered part of UNESCO world heritage. In the museum island you will find:

– Pergamonmuseum

– Bode-Museum

– Neues Museum

– Altes Museum

– Alte Nationalgalerie

People usually dream with a Caribbean Island but if you are a History and Art lover here you will feel like in heaven visiting the Museum Island.

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(Source: Nigel 321)


10) Life Experience: It would be going on Erasmus!!

If you want to feel freedom… go on Erasmus to Berlin!!! Living abroad is exciting and fun!! You just have to relax and enjoy the city because we take care of helping you find the housing in Berlin you need. Many accommodation in Berlin options are waiting for you 😉

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We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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