Beroomers Invites you and your Roomer to the Arenal Sound

Do you want to go to one of the best music festivals with your roomers in Spain this summer?!

Win 2 tickets for you and your roomer to go to the Arenal Sound Festival in Burriana Beach (40 km from Valencia).

How can you participate?

Easy- peasy! Follow the steps:

  1. Visit our web
    Go to the Cities section in the home.
    Choose a city where you would like to study next year.
  2. Go to Beroomers Facebook Page.
    Post a picture on Beroomers Facebook wall with your current flatmates or with some friends who would be your ideal roomers.
    Comment the city you have chosen from Beroomers Cities and why you have chosen it. If you prefer, you can mention the city where you have just been studying and why.

Use the hashtags #BestRoomers and #arenalsound in your post.

How long do I have to participate?

You have until midnight of the 19th to share your picture and the winners will be announced on the 20th.  The winner will be chosen running a sweepstake amongst all the pictures posted before the 20th.

It is only possible to participate once per Facebook personal profile.

What does the prize include?

We know that after living for some time with friends, they become like family. Plus, many of you are coming back to your home countries so you don’t know when you will see each other again. So we want you to have an epic ending to this awesome year. We are giving away 2 tickets for the Arenal Sound, which include a pass for the six days of festival and camping at Malvarrosa camping (Burriana Beach)

What is the Arenal Sound? And Who is Playing?

The Arenal Sound is one of the best music festivals in Spain at the moment. It has an amazing line-up for international bands, counting with groups such as The Kooks, The Hives, Mika, etc. and also national for instance Dorian, Nacho Vegas, La Habitación Roja, etc.

The festival is held from the 28th of July to the 2nd of August and it has an amazing location in the beach of Burriana, a small town 50 kms away from Valencia. Beach, sun, good friends and amazing music, what else could you ask for?








Participation through internet or social networks: Beroomers excludes any responsibility for damages of any origin that might be due to the temporal lack of availability or continuity in the functioning of the communications networks.

The Facebook posts published by the Participants won’t contain any material and declaration that violate in any way, neither the legal basis, neither the rights to third party participants. It is completely forbidden any type of illegal content, threats, defamations, that constitute an attack against privacy, and in general any vulgar, indecent or obscene content or any content that implies criminal  and civil responsibility or break any statute.

Beroomers won’t be responsible of the exactitude or reliability of any opinion, advice, and declaration included by Participants in their posts that don’t accomplish these conditions. The information that doesn’t accomplish the conditions explained above will be eliminated without previous notice.

Modifications and annexes: Beroomers reserves the rights to carry out modifications or adding annexes about the functioning and prizes, as soon as they are justify or they don’t damage participants, and it is communicated the them properly.

In case that this promotion won’t be able to take place, whether due to frauds, technical mistakes or any other reason that is not under the Organizer Control and that affects the normal functioning of the promotion, Beroomer maintains the right to cancel, modify and suspend it

COMPANY ORGANIZER. The organizer of this promotion is Beroomers Spain S.A., with C.I.F. (Company VAT- number), registered in the ‘Registro Mercantil de Madrid’, book 4486, Folio 69, page M-74270, section 8 with address in Avenida de Bruselas 24, 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid. Entity to which the communications and notifications should be address.

AIM OF THE PROMOTION. The aim of this promotion is to promote Beroomers services through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This promotion takes place from the 7th to the 19th of July 2015, and its functioning will be explained in the following points.


It must be taken into account:

Facebook doesn’t sponsored, endorse or administrate this promotion in any way and it is not associated to it.

The information facilitated per the Participants for this promotion will be only managed by Beroomers (not by Facebook), according to what is disposed in the cession of rights and Cession of details of Personnel Character sections.


 The Participants in this promotion must

Be older than 18 years old

Be currently studying undergraduate, postgraduate, master or job training

Have a profile in Facebook and like Beroomers fan page


It is an indispensable requirement to meet the conditions established in this basis to be able to take part in the contest. All the details given by the participant must be true. The identity of the participants and winners will be credit exclusively by official documents. In case that that the Participants  would have given fake details, his/her participation will be excluded from the promotion and from the possibility to win the prize.


By taking part in this contest, the Participants allow automatically the use, publication and reproduction all over the world without limit. On the other hand, Beroomers gives its image and name, as well as its tweets, answers and comments in any type of publicity, promotion, including internet or any other communication media as soon as it has a commercial or informative aim related with this promotion.

The participation in this contest implies the acceptation of this legal basis.


 During the promotion period, the users that want to participate can do it through Facebook, they just have to upload a picture with their ideal flat mates or with their actual flat mates:

Facebook: to take part in this promotion you must follow the official Facebook fanpage of Beroomers The Participant must upload a picture with his/her roommates or his/her friends who would be their ideal roommates and mention the city where they have studied or in which they would like to study and why. They must also include the Hashtags #Bestroomers and #arenalsound.

The pictures that don’t meet the requirements explained above will be deleted and won’t be included in the contest.

Pictures’ characteristics:

The pictures must accomplish the following requirements:

  • In any case the pictures can show any underage person
  • The Participant must be the lawful owner of the pictures’ rights and he/she must have the authorization of the people who appears on it.
  • The pictures can not have any sexual or aggressive content. The company keeps the right to approve the material uploaded.
  • If Beroomers doesn’t approve any photography, the Participant can upload a different one that accomplishes the requisites explained in this legal basis. That material will pass through the same selection process than the previous one.


.On the 20th of July, it will take place a draw in Beroomers office among all the pictures published. The winner will be announced in Beroomers official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Each Participant can participate once with one photo.



 The prize consists in 2 tickets for the Arenal Sound Festival 2015.

Beroomers maintains the rights to change the prize in case it is not available due to external reasons. In this case, Beroomers agrees on giving a prize with similar characteristics and with a similar or superior economic value. In any case the prizes could be exchanged by its economic value. The prizes cannot be transferred.


The prize will be published on the 20th of July. Once it has been published, the winner has 10 natural days to contact the company by a private message on Beroomers official facebook page.

After the deadline is over, the prize will be vacant, without any replacement.

The tickets will be sent by delivery to the address that the winner provides us.


 The following persons will not be able to participate in the contest:

  1. Beroomers employees
  2. Direct family of Beroomers employees
  3. The partners of Beroomers employees

Beroomers keeps the rights to ask for personnel accreditations.


Beroomers keeps the right to exclude from this promotion those Participants who are suspicious

of acting in a fraudulent way. Beroomers can ask for a legal document to verify their identity. If the Participant doesn’t provide his/ her identity, he/ she will be eliminated.


   The participants and the company organizer accepts that no matter the controversies that might appear in the interpretation of these bases or its execution of these bases they will be committed by the interpretation of the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid.


We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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