Best Boston Neighbourhoods for Students

Are you going to study in Boston?….CONGRATULATIONS!

Boston is one of the most popular cities for students and I don’t wonder why. It has the best from both worlds, it offers all the benefits from a big metropolis and at the same time it is a relax city that moves in a slow pace. Its large green parks will make you forget that you are living in a big city. It has an amazing transport system that connects the whole city. Plus, this city has something for everybody. If you like sport, Boston is a sports city, if you are into music its indie, blues and jazz venues are just the best and its contemporary art scene is everywhere. It is totally understandable that it has been ranked by QS 2015 ranking as the sixth best city to study in the world.

Now that you are sure you chose the best city and you can’t wait to move, you might ask yourself, where should I live? If this is the case, keep reading our ‘Best neighbourhoods for students guide!’ , book your accommodation and enjoy the city!

Allston /Brighton: Student Vibrant Area

Even though Allston and Brighton are two different areas, they are often considered as one. They are connected to the rest of the city by a narrow strip of land. Both of them are popular areas amongst students because they are home to Boston College and Boston University. Rent is also quite affordable here, for instance a studio would cost around 900$/month. Moreover, these neighbourhoods host many music venues, cheap ethnic restaurants and quirky interesting night clubs. If you enjoy a diverse alive atmosphere, this is your area!



The Back Bay: Fancy and Expensive

This is one of the most exclusive (and expensive) neighbourhoods of Boston. If you are into fancy shops and expensive restaurants and you are up for paying around 1000 $ for a studio, this is your area. If you are a student on a budget (that is me!), this is a nice area to walk around because you can find some of the historical buildings of the city such as Trinity Church and Boston Public Library. If you are lucky enough you might spot a celebrity!
Although it is not the ideal neighbourhood for students, its proximity to the conservatories of Berklee, Boston and New England as well as Northeast University has made that some students look for a good deal in this area.



Brookline: Students Looking for Tranquility

It will be your ideal area if you are the kind of student who enjoys tranquility and it is very concern for the noise outside. Even though it is considered a suburb, it doesn’t feel like it. It is more of a combination from the best of both worlds, the sense of a city and the tranquility of a suburb. The place to hang out is Coolidge Corner, where you can find plenty of cafes, book stores and shopping.

It is also a student area so flat sharing options are relatively easy. The price of the rent is quite affordable, around 900 $/month for a studio.


Cambridge: The Intellectuals’ Area

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are located in this area, so no wonder this is the intellectuals area! The price of the rent is cheaper than in other areas (800 $/month for a studio) and it decreases as you get farther from Harvard Square. Although Cambridge is not considered a neighbourhood of Boston, It is well connected with the city centre. If you are attending Boston University, Cambridge might not be the best area for you since commuting is quite long.


Jamaica Plain: The Arty and Multicultural

Jamaica Plain neighbourhood or JP (as locals call it) is one of the most diverse areas of Boston, where you can hear all the languages from Chinese to Spanish. Many young families and students have moved to this area looking for some space, since apartments tend to be bigger. Here, you can rent a studio for around 800 $/month. This is also a very alive and arty neighbourhood. There are many independent artisan shops and small restaurants.

jamaica Plain 2

Have you decided where to live in? So now it is time to look for accommodation. Visit our website, find your ideal student home and book it! As easy as it sounds!


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