Best Cities for Bikes in Europe

Do you enjoy cycling? Discover the best cities in Europe to move around by this cheap, healthy and fun transport system and … Happy Bicycle Day!!


Amsterdam is known as the cycling city all around the world. Everybody moves around by bike, in fact 40% of the commutes everyday are made by bike. Although this should be the paradise for cyclers, in reality it could be a nightmare. Or at least for the cyclers that are not used to ‘the Dutch non-written riding rules’. These rules can be summarized in:

–          Ride as if you would be part of the Tour de France: for Dutch people cycling is their way of moving from point A to point B, so they do it as fast as possible. If you are looking for a nice ride looking at the landscape this is not the city!

–          Make sure you find your bike (and it doesn’t get stolen)

–          Stick to the cycle paths and a good tip…cycle sober!

montaña de bicis



Although London’s bike system has been developed a lot in the last years, there are some inconveniences in this city that don’t make it easy to ride. For instance, the  usual rainy  weather, the long distances of this big city  and the large traffic jams at peak hours. For those reasons,  there is a proposal to build bikes lanes in the old underground tunnels. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?!

For the moment we have to ride under the rain with the Boris Bikes, nicknamed after the city’s Mayor Boris Johnson (


Although cycling is not as common in Paris as in Holland, the use of this transport is growing everyday and the city is working hard to improve its services and bike lanes. Therefore, cycling has become a great option not only as a transport system but also to get to know all the charming neighborhoods of this beautiful city. For more information about cycling in Paris, you can visit

Moreover, after the huge success of the Vélibs (Parisian public bikes system), it will be launched the Ptit Vélib for the children (

Anyway, you have the perfect chance next June 6th and 7th to introduce yourself to ‘le velo à Paris’


Barcelona is the perfect city to move around by bike. First of all, its sunny and warm weather offers a huge advantage for cycling lovers. You can enjoy several routes going around and out of the city, which will allow you to visit not only the famous centre area but also other non-touristic areas.

Simone and Stefan – Barcelona point of view from Frontocean bmx on Vimeo.

In addition, if you prefer to take your bike to go out for a drink, you can find a list of bike- friendly bars in this nice website (  Guillem Carmona and Laura Turon are a fixi passionate who have gone around every bike- friendly bar marking them with a distinctive sign.

distintivo fixe lovers


This city is becoming more and more cycle- friendly every day. Firstly by offering a bike public service called BiciMad. It is similar to the service offered in many other cities such as Paris, London,… but in this case the bikes are electric…nice for the lazy ones, no? So you can ride for hours without feeling tired at all!

Following Barcelona’s trend, La Bicicleta Cycling Café  located in the hip neighborhood of Malasaña, offers a toolbox to fix small breakdowns while enjoying an amazing homemade breakfast.

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