Study Erasmus in Spain: small cities

Best Places to Study Abroad in Spain: Small Cities

Are you planning to go on Erasmus? Perhaps you will be wondering which are the best places to study abroad in Spain. If one thing is clear is that you will remember the city you lived in forever, and you will surely go back someday, after your experience ends.

Studying abroad in small cities has many advantages! Would you like to…

  • Make less effort to learn Spanish?
  • Know the place where you are living really well?
  • Feel at home within a village-like atmosphere?
  • Save your money and spend it in trips and going out?

If the answer is yes, you’ll love living in a small city during your Erasmus! Granada, Salamanca and Cádiz are three of the best options you can choose for your Erasmus in Spain. Do you want to know why every Spaniard wants to visit them?

Erasmus in Granada: a student city

Granada…perhaps one of the most beloved cities in Spain. Its 230.000 inhabitants enjoy its welcoming neighbourhoods and incredible Spanish-Muslim art. Who doesn’t know the Alhambra?

Study abroad in Granada

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The narrow streets in the city centre are there to get lost during the day (or to be found eating traditional “tapas”). And at night, the city transforms itself and hundreds of students head to the pubs of the city. Though quite small, Granada is pretty much a student city, especially popular amongst Spaniards.

Best places to study abroad: Granada

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Living your Erasmus in Granada has the best of two worlds: being in a small city without giving up a lively student atmosphere! Definitely, one of the best places to study abroad in Spain.

Erasmus in Salamanca: the centenarian soul

What can we say about Salamanca? The old city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998, and it’s certainly worth this designation, with its centenarian museums and palaces. Did you know that the University of Salamanca was the first one to give classes in the country?

Erasmus in Salamanca

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Today, approximately 150.000 people live in Salamanca. At night, many pubs offer special discounts for students and the terraces on it’s main square (Plaza Mayor) get packed with young people enjoying the nice Summer climate. Do you imagine living your Erasmus in Salamanca?

Erasmus in Cádiz: study abroad next to the beach

Cádiz is the smallest city of all three, with only 120.000 inhabitants who live surrounded by the beach. In fact, it’s so close to the sea that the oldest part of the city is built with very narrow winding streets, as a shelter for strong wind!

Cádiz: small city for Erasmus in Spain

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One of the nicest experiences you can have when going on Erasmus in Cádiz is to have some pescaíto frito (fried fish) with the sound of the waves as your own personal background music. And, of course, if you finally decide to go there don’t miss the banderillas de atún con queso (tuna with cheese)…so nice!

Erasmus in Cádiz

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Have we not included your Erasmus city? Tell us below what your best place to study abroad in Spain is and we will add it to the list on a future post 😉

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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  • dCoreddélia de ChamCCCCCjosocioebure

    I am currently hesitating between Pamplona or Santiago de la Compostela. Which is the city with the greatest student life ? I am French but I also speak Spanish and English so this is not a matter of language. The two universities among which I have to choose are Universidad Privé de Navarra or Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.

    Thank you for your help !

    • Clara from The BeTeam

      Hi! What are you planning to study? Santiago de Compostela is smaller than Pamplona. Locals differ in personality and the weather is somehow different too! Both cities have student life, the 2 universities you mentioned are important ones in Spain. I recommend you to look for Erasmus groups in Facebook for those 2 cities and ask for past experiences 🙂 That can help you in your decision!

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