The Best Spots to Study in Boston

You must agree with me that Boston is such a cool city where it is impossible to get bored, student parties, new exhibitions, concerts, bars… and suddenly you realize that you only have some days left to finish your papers, projects, etc. We know it is not always easy to stay focus so we want to help you! We have found the best spots in all the different neighbourhoods in Boston that will keep you going until you finish all your work and then …yes, you can PARTY!


Cambridge public library:

This is definitely the biggest library in the city with plenty of seating. Within walking distance from Harvard Yard, come to this library and avoid coming across your hysterical classmates just before the exam. Plus, there are many restaurants for a deserved break after a long day of studying.

Wifi: yes
Address:  449 Broadway

Boston branch library

Boston Public Library:

It is a beautiful building that will make you believe that you are in Hogwarts. You can sit by the windows and enjoy its amazing views. Plus, its location in the heart of Boston is perfect to grab a bite with your friends after a hard day of studying!

Wifi: yes
Address: 700 Boylston St., Boston, MA — Central Library Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-9, Fri-Sat 9-5, Sun 1-5



The Brookline Public Library:

During exams times the library gets completely packed, so finding a good spot to sit can become a big drama. If you are one of those persons impossible to wake up early, you will always find a place in this beautiful atmosphere.

Wifi: yes
Address: 361 Washington St.Brookline, MA 02445 — Hours: 10-9 Mon-Thurs, 10-5 Fri-Sat, 1-5 Sun


Curry Student Centre:

This is the living room for the Northeastern University students. A whole building that offers all you might need, from cozy sofas to chill to studying areas and meeting rooms. They also organize all kind of events during the year. This student centre will make you to want to become a Northeastern University Student.


Boston Common:

When you get fed up of the boring libraries you can grab your books and sit under one of Boston Common’s ancient trees. Plus, you don’t need to worry about using your laptop because the park is equipped with free wifi. Quite amazing, right? This 380 years old park is the oldest public park in the States and it has free wifi connection!



Boston Public Garden:

While the sun is still shining you can revise in this green garden. It is the perfect place to look for a relax place that helps you focusing on your revision. When the weather starts to cool down you can move to the cafes nearby.



Christopher Columbus Park:

It is said that the ocean transmits peace and tranquility, so if you are stressed about the next exam go to this park, sit in the grass, breath and relax…. you can do it! The park also offers free wifi connection.


Thinking Cup:

In my opinion this is the best spot to study. Although the atmosphere is quiet and nice, what really attracts me from this place is that they have the best coffee in the city. I am not the only one who thinks this, in fact it was voted the best coffee shop in 2011 by Boston Magazine. So if you need some fuel to continue studying this is the place!



Trident Bookseller & Café:

One of the best things of this café is that you can choose whether to sit indoors or outdoors. If you are not sure about the weather forecast just go to Trident Bookseller & Café and you have two options in one. Plus if you are a night student this café closes at 12 p.m. Of course there is free wifi all around!

Pavement Coffeehouse:

With a strategic location in front of Berklee’s campus it offers good coffee and plenty of seats. If you are a fan of Espresso Royal Chain this is the newest spin off.



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  • Will Ruiperez

    Fantastic guide! I’m studing in Boston one year ago and I didn’t know these places to study. Maybe you could add to this list of cafes Caffè Nero in Chinatown or Ogawa Coffee in Downtown. Cheers!

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