Best Vintage Shops in Barcelona

Barcelona seems to attract arty people who open small business and original shops, contributing to add charm to the city. Between all the neighbourhoods, there are two that concentrate the largest number of vintage and arty stores: Gracia and El Raval.

So put on your hipster outfit and let’s explore the city together!

Gracia Neighbourhood

Gracia neighbourhood is full of vintage stores, from recycled furniture, to clothes, music or complements…It is paradise for vintage lovers! Its stores focus on the forties and fifties, with swing dresses and flourish fabrics. Check out my some of my favorite shops:

Meublé: The owner of the store, Claudia Font, collects furniture and objects from all around Barcelona and gives them another life. If you just move to Barcelona and you need furniture for your apartment this is the perfect shop. For the same price as Ikea, with Meuble’s furniture you can give an original look to your apartment.
Adress : Martinez de la Rosa, 34
Tube : Diagonal (L3 ;L5),Fontana L3


Boo: This is not a vintage store but it is definitely worth checking it because of the originality of its clothes and accessories that you can’t buy in any other shop. They mainly have imported original clothes from American, Scandinavian to British labels.
Address: Bonavista 2
Tube: Diagonal (L3, L5)



Vintage shops in the neighborhood of El Raval are located mainly in two streets: Carrer de Tallers and Carrer de la Riera Baixa. Their style is pure 60’s and 70’s with punk leather jackets and funky skirts. On Saturdays, the shops on Carrer de Tallers bring their stuff outside the shops and set a street market.

Holala! : They select carefully vintage clothes, furniture and all kind of objects imported from France and the United States. Some of the items that they sell are truly unique and their prices are crazy, but the majority of the stuff has similar prices than high street shops. It is for girls and guys.
Address: Taller 73, El Raval and Valldonzella 6



Uber den Woken: this small shop sells carefully selected vintage clothes and complements at reasonable prices. the clothes are only for girls and they have been selected in street markets from Italy, Germany, France and Spain. It also sells clothes from local designers, music and they organize workshops such as sewing and cooking. Could you ask for anything else?
Address: Ferlandina 51
Tube: San Antoni L2

Uber den bokhen


Lullaby: this shop is a strange case within the vintage stores, its stock its ordered from the 50’s to the 80’s. Its owners are a couple of musicians, so the music selection is always pretty awesome. When you enter this shop it seems like time stops…and a few hours inside will seem as a couple of minutes.
Address: Riera baixa 22
Tube: San Antoni L2; Liceu L3


Lullaby (2)

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