Cheap Grocery Stores For Students in Valencia

Hey, welcome to the student abroad life!

New city, new friends, so many new things to do … and so little money to spend!

I know that as a student every penny counts, especially when it comes to food (I would rather spend it on travelling). I also know the terrible feeling when you are starving, you open the fridge and you can only find a rotten tomato and a bottle of ketcup.

This is why in this article I am giving you all the information and tips that you need to survive as a student with a fridge full of yummy food and a wallet full of money (or at least not so empty).

Good luck!

Cheapest Supermarkets

Valencia has a wide range of international supermarkets, for instance Carrefour or Alcampo. Nevertheless, the most popular supermarket (and my favorite) is the local brand Mercadona, which is also the cheapest according to an article from You should taste Mercadona’s humus and guacamole they are so yummy!

Another popular Spanish supermarket is El Corte Inglés. Although it is listed as the most expensive supermarket per basket of food, it has a wide range of imported products from other countries. So if there is anything you miss from home, you might find it here.

If you want to make sure that you get the best deals in every supermarket, you can check the webpage It compares the prices for each product in the different supermarkets and shows you the best offers available at the moment.


You can do all your groceries in supermarkets, though the quality of fruits and vegetables in these large chains might not be as fresh as in local markets. Below you can find a list of the main food markets in Valencia.

  • Central Market:  This market located in a modernist architecture building in ‘El Carmen’ is considered one of the oldest running food markets in Europe. You should walk around during the morning and feel its nice atmosphere, the smells and colors. The quality of the food is outstanding, although it might be more expensive than in other local markets. However, I recommend doing your groceries there once in a while. My two favorite food stalls are a fresh pasta stall and a Greek take away food stall.

Central market

Ruzafa Market:   It is not the oldest market of the city (only 58 years old), still it has became an essential part of Ruzafa’s life. There are 160 stalls where you can buy all types of delicacies. In addition, Ruzafa is the new hip neighborhood of Valencia and there is always something happening. Therefore, the market often hosts events. Take a look at their webpage for more info.

Mercado de ruzafa (2)

El Cabanyal Market: located in the historical neighborhood of ‘El Cabanyal’, it lives under the threat of an urbanism plan to link ‘El Cabanyal’ with ‘Blasco Ibañes’. It is one of the most traditional markets of the city, well known for the quality of its fish.

Colon Market: Colon’s market is an old market hall converted into a commercial area, where there are many restaurants and shops. The modernist style building was restored in 2003, today you can find cafés such as ‘Orxateria Daniel’, traditionally known for making the best Orxata (drink from Valencia made out of groundnut).

Mercado Colon

In the following webpage you can check out Valencia’s level of life and even calculate the price of your grocery bag.

Foreign Supermarkets

Do you crave your home food? If you are really missing your brand of cereals or you need a certain product to cook the traditional dish from your country and you can’t find it anywhere… don’t worry! Valencia has some supermarkets that bring imported products from different countries.

Taste of America: I totally understand… peanut butter is a necessity. In this supermarket you can find not only peanut butter but all kind of American products.
Address: Avenida Reino de Valencia 6, Ensanche

peanut butter

Zong Hua Hua: this supermarket sells all types of oriental food from Thai, to Chinese or Korean. They have a huge range of products and the prices are quite cheap.
Address: Convento Jerusalem 12

Zong hua hua all type of Japanese products from packs to make sushi to pre-cooked food. They also have a small Japanese restaurant that serves delicious sushi.
Address: Avenida Reino de Valencia 52, Ensanche

Yummy Planet: it is an online supermarket that sells all types of American and British brands. They deliver all around Spain.
Address : (online)

We hope this information helped you to find the best supermarket for you! Because we know that when you are living on a budget, it is very important to save money, we recommend you to book your student accommodation in Valencia online before arriving to your destination. Take a look to all the options available in Beroomer’s webpage.



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