cost of life in mexico city

Living in Mexico: Cost of life in Mexico City

Mexico City is a huge city where to live, with thousands of opportunities for students and young professionals and lots of events going on every week. Nonetheless, and as in any other case, it is important to know beforehand the cost of life there in order to make a budget for your necessities: housing, food, entertainment… Don’t worry, we are here to help you a little bit!

Before moving, you may ask yourself things like this: am I going to be able to afford it?, where can I live with my budget?, how much am I going to be left with after paying rent? Let’s take one step a time.

1. Housing

The price of the accommodation will vary depending on several factors such as: where it is located, if you are looking for a whole apartment or a room in a shared flat, if it is furnished or not and a long etcetera. For example, if you are looking for a room in a shared flat, one of the best options for international students, rent will be around $7.000MXN. You can search for flats in Beroomers from your house in a quick and safe way and with personalized attention everyday helping you with anything you may need. Besides, your money will only be transferred to the landlord once you have done your check-in and confirmed everything is correct.

cost of living mexico city housing

2. Food

A clear example of the cost of living in a city is knowing how much a coffee or a menu in a fast-food restaurant costs. Let’s start with the first option: a coffee will be around $40MXN, and a McDonald’s menu will cost $90MXN approximately.

Having said that, when it comes to do grocery shopping, keep in mind the following: a litre of milk will be around $20MXN, a dozen of eggs will cost about $30MXN and a baguette will be $21MXN approximately. If we are talking about fresh products, a kg of tomatoes will be around $20MXN, a kg of apples will be around $35MXN and a kg of potatoes will be around $20MXN.

cost of living mexico city food

3. Transportation

Having a transportation card is essential in a big city; you can get around any place without having to buy single tickets every time you need to get somewhere by bus or metro. You will have access to a monthly pass paying around $300MXN a month.

cost of living mexico city transportation

4. Entertainment

Are you mad about movies and need to go to the cinema on a monthly basis? Tickets will be around $70MXN. Do you prefer to go out and have something to drink with your friends? Beer will be around $40MNX, depending on how exquisite you are when choosing one; a cocktail at a bar will be around $120MNX and if what you prefer is a dinner for two in a good restaurant, keep it mind it will cost around $600MXN.

cost of living mexico city entertainment

Do you need a gym in your life? A monthly pass will be around $1.000MXN, depending on the type of gym you are looking for and the facilities it offers.

Remember, in Beroomers we help you find your perfect accommodation. You just have to browse through our available options and choose the one that fits you the best.

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