what to do in mexico 2020

5 cultural plans to do in Mexico City in 2020

As everybody knows, Mexico City will be recognized in 2021 by the Union of Iberoamerican Capital Cities (UCCI) and UNESCO as the Ibero-American capital of Cultures as published Forbes Magazine.

What is intended with this initiative is for Mexico City to become the third most visited worldwide country thanks to a large agenda of cultural activities. If you just move to Mexico City or are thinking about it, keep reading and discover 5 plans related to leisure and culture for the year that is going to. 

what to do in mexico city 2020

Visit Valparaiso Forum

This is a new free museum of Mexican art. Since last November you can enjoy 117 pieces focused only on Mexican themes; among them you can find works by Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Remedios Varo to list a few. If you’re going from January 2020, don’t forget to book online!

Admire the dawn of Mexico City from the Monumento a la Revolución.

The Monumento a la Revolución is one of the most emblematic architectural works of the city. Can you imagine being able to enjoy the sunrise atop this majestic monument? Now it’s possible! In this experience that begins at 6 am and includes hot drink and sweet bread, you will enjoy the wonderful views at the dawn of this fascinating work by Carlos Obregón Santacecilia, a pointer to modern current events. After this breathtaking show, you can explore the entire building and learn about the history in its architecture. In it you will find plural art exhibitions such as “The Revolution in Cinema” 

what to do in mexico city dawn

Visit MUAC: a space of light created for art. 

The MUAC – University Museum of Contemporary Art – located within UNAM, is the first museum created exclusively for contemporary art in Mexico. It is part of the so-called University Cultural Center, in which are also other buildings dedicated to music, dance, theater and cinema. Among its contemporary artworks you will find oil paintings, screen prints, photographs, installations, collages and videos. It also has 14 rooms, an art shop and a beautiful restaurant where you can taste delicious food, all within a space dominated by minimalist and contemporary architecture. 

Go seeing a play at the Insurgentes Theatre.

This theater located in Benito Juárez shows on its facade a mural of Diego Rivera of 46 by 10 meters. The first work to be presented was Yo Colón, starring Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, whose image is depicted in the mural. 

what to do in mexico city theatre

Be the first to visit the exhibition “Van Gogh Alive – The Experience”

The world exhibition will be installed from February 20, 2020 in the Plaza Monumento al Madre de la mayor Cuauhtémoc. This year-and-a-half show has already been performed in international cities such as Beijing, Bogota, Berlin, Dubai, Lisbon and Florence among others. In addition, the audiovisual exhibition is complemented by fragrances such as fresh lavender, wild sage or soft lemon perfumes that evoke the places that inspired Vincent during his lifetime. The entrance fee is 225 pesos and its pre-sale started last November.

Mexico City is the city of leisure and culture par excellence. Did you get stung by the worm of coming to live here? If you are thinking of moving do not forget to visit our accommodation platform and find your ideal place in this fascinating city. 

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