Student housing in Madrid

How to find student housing in Madrid

Are you moving to Madrid soon? The aim of this guide is to give you 4 useful tips to help you find your student housing in Madrid! Just a quick look and you’ll feel more comfortable with it 😊

This process can be sometimes tricky, but with this guide you’ll master all tricks and find your room or flat to rent!

Chueca metro stop (Madrid, Spain)

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1. Know more about the city

The first tip may seem a bit obvious, but it can really make a difference to know a little bit about the city before you finally move there. Not only where is your university or office located, but also where is the city centre, how does public transport work or what is the atmosphere like in the different areas.

By having a wider information about Madrid, you’ll easily know where you would like to live (and maybe you will discover that you prefer certain areas that you didn’t even know before!).

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In Madrid, the city centre is located around Sol Square. This is a busy and touristic area, but also very popular amongst students and young professionals. Most parts of the city (as well as nearby smaller towns) are well-connected by the underground and the urban rail. Plus, public buses are a good option to move around the city. You can find plenty of information in our posts about Madrid.

2. Decide which neighbourhood suits you best

There are several popular neighbourhoods for students in Madrid! You can choose the busy and touristic neighbourhoods of Atocha (next to Atocha train station) or Sol (the heart of Madrid), the quiet and residential Moncloa-Argüelles or Chamberi, upscale Salamanca neighbourhood, trendy La Latina or Malasaña, or gay-friendly Chueca. Ask yourself which kind of atmosphere you would prefer!

Book market (Madrid)

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3. Look for housing in Madrid bearing in mind that…

In Madrid, the rooms and apartments for rent available in the morning are no longer available in the afternoon, as housing is usually booked really fast. Thus, our piece of advice is that you look in advance. That way it will be much easier to find your ideal housing in Madrid.

Plus, it’s also very useful to set your budget before you start looking. And look for student housing within it, so that you have a closer idea of what you really rent. In addition, whilst you’re looking for your room or flat in Madrid it’s always a good idea to read the descriptions of each listing carefully, so that you know exactly what you will find.

Apartment to rent in Madrid (Beroomers)

Lastly, try to be flexible with your preferences and requirements. It’s not always possible to find exactly what you’re looking for, but if you book in advance it’s easier!

4. Book your housing online!

As housing is rented out so quickly in Madrid, online booking can help you find the shared flat or complete apartment you’re looking for, with no need of waiting for visits to be arranged. Online booking is safe and easy on Beroomers, and it also allows you to book way in advance, even before you reach your new destination. Are you ready to start looking?

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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