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How to find student housing in Valencia

So you’re planning to go to Valencia and are wondering which is the best way to find your student housing there? With these useful tips it’s impossible to get lost within hundreds of options!

Whether you would rather live alone or share your new experience with roommates, hopefully this post will help you 😊

Ruzafa neighbourhood in Valencia

Ruzafa neighbourhood in Valencia. Source: Daurmith

1. Don’t get lost in Valencia, there’s life away from the coastline!

Especially for those who aren’t used to living near the beach, it may seem idyllic to wake up and see the sea…but the fact is that you will not be always able to find a room or flat in this area of Valencia, depending on your budget and other preferences you may have. But don’t worry, because there’s much more to Valencia than the beach!

The city centre (around Colón Street) is quite busy and hosts tourists and locals alike, although it always remains nice to walk around. The biggest universities (UV Tarongers and Blasco Ibáñez Campus, and UPV) are pretty close to each other, so the eastern part of Valencia has a lively student life, both during the day and at night! In fact, each area has its own particular atmosphere. You may learn more about this city by reading our posts about Valencia.

Algirós student neighbourhood in Valencia

Algirós neighbourhood in Valencia. Source:

2. Which student neighbourhood is best for you?

Each of the neighbourhoods for students in Valencia passes on a different feeling. Pla del Real is the most upscale neighbourhood around, whilst Ruzafa (or Russafa, in the local language) has undergone a process of gentrification and is now the trendiest area! Extramurs is a residential neighbourhood with a grid pattern and a mixed feeling to it, Ayora and Algirós are residential too and close to most universities, and Benimaclet is just like a village inside the town. And if you’re looking for something really authentic for your student housing in Valencia, then you will fall in love with Ciutat Vella (the Old City) and El Carmen, located within its boundaries.

El Carmen neighbourhood in Valencia

El Carmen neighbourhood. Source:

3. Before you start looking for your new home…

Do a list! Yes, lists are cool 😉 What are you looking for? Would you like to choose one of the available rooms for rent? Or perhaps apartments for rent? What is your budget (including bills)? Write all of this down and it will be clear to you what you need. However, take into account that it’s not always possible to find a room or flat in Valencia which meets your requirements, so try to be flexible.

Finding your housing in Valencia for rent at a good price is easier in comparison to other Spanish cities, where the best offers get booked really quickly! But it’s still a good idea to start looking way in advance.

Ruzafa neighbourhood in Valencia

Ruzafa neighbourhood in Valencia. Source: Daurmith

4. Book online!

Booking your housing for rent online on Beroomers has many advantages: you don’t have to wait to arrange a visit with the landlord, payment is safe and easy, there’s a 24h guarantee after check-in, you can read detailed information of as many properties as you like and see realistic photos…Are you ready to start looking?

Room for rent in Valencia (Beroomers)

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