Finding the Perfect Internship

Graduating and moving on to the working life is not easy, but if you find the ¨perfect internship¨ this hard transition might turn out the best time of your life.

Read the following tips closely to find an awesome internship that will get you started on your career…

#1 Move to a nice city and start an adventure

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A way to make your first professional experience fun and exciting is to move to a new city and look for an internship in an international company. This change of environment will spice up your life and keep the excitement you were used to having in those crazy college years.


#2 The more interns the most fun

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Search for a company that hires a group of interns during your stay at the company. This will help you find people to hang out with and discover the city. When working with many other interns from different countries, your stay will feel a lot more like an Erasmus experience than like a boring working life.


#3 Freedom is the key

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Try to find an internship in which you have some kind of freedom to do your work. Following your boss around the office or having to reply to him or her every couple hours can be very exhausting. Try to find a position in which you are kind of autonomous. This way you will learn a lot more, and you will feel more in control of your experience.

#4 Young Company

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Try to find a young company, in which employees are young, and the organization’s culture feels creative and open minded. This will make your work a lot nicer and you will feel like you fit in the environment. You can find out if the company you are applying for is young by researching the employees online or looking for pictures of the office and corporative elements such as the website, social media, etc.


#5 Work and travel!

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During your internship you will have an amount of free days that you can use to travel around the country or to travel in Europe. Many companies also give free day to interns when they reach their targets for the month, or they also let you take unpaid days off. Use this opportunity to travel around with your colleagues and enjoy your experience abroad.

You can have a look for internships at for UK, but you can try their webs in Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands or Spain. And if you’re looking for a more guided experience, perhaps World Wide Internships can help you out!

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