What to Know about Valencia Before Starting Your Erasmus Experience

Hey! Have you chosen Valencia as a destination for your year abroad? You couldn’t have chosen a better one. Whether you like the beach or the mountain, you are a party animal or a sports lover, whether you enjoy music concerts or prefer cultural activities; this is your city… Valencia has something for everybody. Read this article to make sure you don’t miss anything and …have a blast!

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Where to live?

This is probably the first question that you ask yourself. Let’s see if we can help you decide your favorite area.

Valencia’s most famous neighborhood is El Carmen, not only for being the historical neighborhood of the city but also because of its trendy bars and busy nightlife. Its quirky look with narrow streets full of graffiti and charming, hidden squares are very attractive for students. Moreover, if you go out on a weekend its streets are packed with young people ready for a night out. If you enjoy being in the middle of the action, this is the place for you! However, if you are a person who enjoys tranquility you should be careful where you choose your apartment.

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Ruzafa is the upcoming neighborhood of Valencia. Many young people moved to this area because it is a very dynamic, vibrant area. This is the bohemian area of Valencia, full of cafés and bars where you can spend long hours talking with friends or reading. Moreover, rent is cheaper than ‘El Carmen’ and thequality of the buildings is also better since they are more modern.

calle ruzafa

 Zona Universitaria (the University Zone) is the area located around ‘Avenida de Aragon’, ‘Blasco Ibañez’ and ‘Primado Reig’. Many students choose to live here due to its proximity to many universities (often it is walking distance) and because rent is quite affordable in this area. Blasco Ibañez Avenue hosts several university schools such as Medicine, History… you can check the univeristy webpage for more information.

This area is also very alive and some of its squares such as ‘Plaza Honduras’, ‘Plaza Xuqer’ and ‘El Cedro’ are well known amongst students. In addition, the prices of the establishments such as bars and restaurants are also student- friendly.

Just a small piece of advice: as you might know, in Valencia they also speak Valenciano. Therefore it is possible that when you are looking for an apartment online you might find the name of the streets in Valenciano. Some words that might be useful are: Street= carrer; Avenue= avinguda. You can also use an online translator, for instance http://traductor.lasprovincias.es/.

What to do?

One of the most amazing things of Valencia is its fantastic weather, which means that you can practice outdoor activities during the whole year. If you like going to the beach, La Malvarrosa and La Patacona beach are located just 10 minutes away from the city centre. At sunset many people go to these areas to play Volleyball, go running or skateboarding. Another good place to practice sport is the old Turia Riverbed, which is now a large park that crosses the whole city. if you want to know more information about sport opportunities in Valencia, click here.

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Valencia also has a lot of culture to offer. From the festivals that the different neighborhoods organize such as Ruzafa Cultura Viva  and Living Ruzafa to the traditional festivities which are famous worldwide, for instance ‘Las Fallas’ and ‘La Tomatina’. We will talk about them soon!

If you enjoy music, the prestigious Berklee College of Music  from Boston has a based in Valencia and they organize free concerts and activities very often.

Berklee concert

If you are more on the music festivals side, Valencia offers a few during the summer, such as the FIB, the Low Cost  and the Arenal Sound.

We hope this article helped you to know Valencia a bit better and you are already thinking about your next step… finding accommodation! If you are looking for an awesome apartment or to rent and great room mates, our roomers, check out our webpage and book online before moving to Valencia!

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We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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