Where to Go Out in Granada as a Student?

One of the MUST (after the Alhambra and the ‘tapeo’ tour) living in Granada as a student is experiencing its nightlife. Granada has around 85000 university students and around 2 to 3000 are part of the European exchange program Erasmus. So, finding a place to party is not exactly difficult!

Nightlife in Spain starts late, so don’t be surprised if you arrive to the club at midnight and you are the only one there. You are in Spain… adapt to the schedule! So this is the first lesson that you must learn: before going to the club, enjoy the bars and pubs around the city.


The City Centre

We already spoke about Elvira Street because of its delicious tapas bars. So, when they close you can just move to the pub/ club next door that will open until late hours. Drinks in this area might be a bit expensive because it is a tourist area, but on the other hand you don’t need to spend money in taxis because everything is in the same street.

The most famous club in this area is Granada 10 (Carcel Baja), an old movie theatre converted into a club that plays dance and pop music. Another interesting place around this area is El Son (Joaquin Costa, 13). It gets full around 3 a.m. and it stays open until early in the morning. The music here is completely varied; basically they play everything that can be danced (although this can be quite subjective).



Although during the day this zone is full of tourists, during the night they all come down to the city centre for some tapas. This is your moment to enjoy the most iconic neighbourhood, climb up to the ‘Mirador de San Nicolás’ and taste tapas in some of the real ‘Granaino’ bars. Café Bar Highera (Horno de Hoyo, 17) and Rincon de Pepe (Puerta Nueva) are very recommendable.


In terms of clubs, walking 10 minutes away you can find ‘El Camborio’  (Camino del Sacromonte, 47) which is students’ favorite club. On the weekends it normally reaches maximum capacity so if you want to enter you should arrive before 3. This is your club if you enjoy pop and Spanish cheesy music.

Camino de Ronda

This is the perfect area for students to go out in Granada on a tight budget. It is a bit far from the city centre and you will have to take a taxi to get there, which costs around 5€ before midnight and up to 10€ after. However, drinks here can be half the price and many of the places offer free ‘pipas’. The Street Pedro Antonio is full of tapas bars, serving really cheap tapas.


Moreover, close to this area it is possible to find the ‘Botellodromo’, a zone that has been built for students to pre- drink before going out. Here you can bring your own buzz and meet with your friends before going to the club without spending too much money. However, be careful because if you leave this area with bottles or glasses with alcohol, the police might put you a fine.


As you can see Granada has something to offer for everybody’s taste. So, where are you going to live close to the party spots or close to your university? No matters where you choose to live, book your accommodation on Beroomers and forget about all the stress.

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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