Housing for students: Basic Guide

Finding housing abroad can be really easy! Just check out this basic guide of housing for students and learn more about some of the most welcoming cities in the world!

Housing in Madrid

Madrid is a vibrant city, the capital of Spain. Despite its size, it’s a well-connected city thanks to the subway. It’s also a city of contrasts: whils some neighbourhoods in Madrid have a strong traditional feeling (what madrileños call “castizo”), others are as hippy and gay-friendly as you can imagine! Living here is something that you will always remember…a once in a lifetime experience!

Housing in Madrid

Source: Surreal Name Given (www.flickr.com)

Would you like to find housing but don’t know where to start? Check out the housing options in Madrid on Beroomers! They include student halls, host families, apartments and rooms for rent.

Housing in Barcelona

Barcelona is a well-known cosmopolitan city, where you can find all kinds of people and things to do. The city center is really nice too, especially the Gothic Quarter. Plus, going shopping is such a unique experience here…

Do you imagine yourself living in here? If you like modernist architecture and would like to have an urban-like experience during your studies abroad, Barcelona is definitely it!

Housing in Barcelona

Source: Luis Hernández (www.flickr.com)

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Housing in Valencia

Valencia is an ideal city for students! Nice climate, sunny beach, thousands of international students each year, good nightlife spots…The city is just perfect to practice outdoor sports in its big green areas or to drink coffee on welcoming terraces. Plus, finding your new home can be easier compared to other Spanish cities.

Housing in Valencia

Source: Worldaroundtrip (www.flickr.com)

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Housing in Salamanca

Salamanca is one of the oldest cities in Spain, with approximately 2,700 years old! It hosts one of the oldest universities in the country and is known as the place where wisdom traditionally grew. Nowadays, if you choose to live here, you’ll see traditional buildings and local feasts, intermingled with young students and interesting cultural offer.

Housing in Salamanca

Source: Manuel (www.flickr.com)

Finding your ideal home in Salamanca can be easier than you think! And we can help you with it if you wish 🙂 Just go to our web and narrow the housing options in Salamanca on Beroomers according to your preferences, such as your budget, or check-in and check-out dates.

Housing in Seville

Seville is a wonderful sunny city…full of welcoming people and beautiful buildings to discover. If you like flamenco music, here you’ll have many opportunities to enjoy it! The atmosphere in the city centre is really nice, you’ll keep going back to it again and again.

Housing in Sevilla

Source: S. Hoya (www.flickr.com)

Have you already decided that you would like to live here? Finding you new home is really close! You have hundreds of housing options in Seville listed on Beroomers! And we will be more than happy to help you with your search.

Housing in Granada

Granada is one of the most astonishing cities in Spain, due to its beautiful Andalusian architecture. Everyone in Spain knows the nearby Andalusian city of La Alhambra, which is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The city is undoubtedly a magical place to live in!

Housing in Granada

Source: Sharon Mollerus (www.flickr.com)

Would you like to live in one of the most popular cities in this country? Then don’t miss these housing options in Granada listed on Beroomers that we can offer you!

Housing in Milan

Milan is the second-most populous city in Italy, so if you want to get lost this may be a good option for you! Globally known for fashion, it dates back even before Roman times and currently hosts different museums (and unique spots to enjoy nightlife, of course!) Who wouldn’t want to live here whilst studying?

Housing in Milan

Source: Angelo Amboldi (www.flickr.com)

If you can’t wait to book your new home in the town, remember that we can help you with the plenty of housing options in Milan we have on Beroomers for you!

Housing in Rome

Rome is a city you need to visit at least once in your life…so living in it during some months is simply a pleasure! If you would like to spend time in a busy city, with many things to do and visit, then there can’t be anything better than finding your home here!

Housing in Rome

Source: Xavi (www.flickr.com)

Finding your ideal place to stay in Rome doesn’t have to be difficult! And we’re here to give you a helping hand 🙂 Just check the housing options in Rome on Beroomers and ask us any question you may have!

Housing in Florence

Florence is a nice city for day-long walks, shopping in the streets, visiting top-class museums, eating ice-cream and authentic pizzas, meeting new people…and learning how to cook Italian pasta! This town is simply amazing 🙂

Housing in Florence


Source: PapaPiper (www.flickr.com)

So are you looking for your room or flat in Florence to live an unforgettable experience? We would love to help you with the process! Just check the housing options in Florence listed on Beroomers 🙂

Housing in Berlin

Would you like to practice your German? Berlin is a really good option for that! This vibrant city receives thousands of students each year, attracted by its magnificient buildings, wide cultural offer, lively nightlife and beer (of course!) You can experience all of this (and much more) from your room or flat in Berlin.

Housing in Berlin

Source: Reinhard Link (www.flickr.com)

We also have several housing options in Berlin on Beroomers for you. So if this is your choice, hurry up and book your ideal student home!

Housing in London

Practice your British accent by living in your ideal home in London! The city of red cabins, Thames river, palaces, white-stucco buildings hosts thousands of international students each year. With some of the best universities in the world, you’ll surely have a great experience in the capital city of England!

Housing in London

Source: Nikos Koutoulas (www.flickr.com)

Finding your ideal place to stay in this town doesn’t have to be a headache anymore! Just check our housing options in London on Beroomers and we will answer any possible questions you may have! And after finding your new home, you’ll only need to worry about what to bring with you to this iconic city.

Housing in Boston

Boston is that place where many students around the world would like to go…You’re really lucky if you have the chance to study there! Pick your housing in Boston and discover its culturally varied neighbourhoods, its lake, its vast green areas…It’s really nice!

Housing in Boston

Source: Emmanuel Huybrechts (www.flickr.com)

Are you looking for housing in Boston? We would be glad to help you find it! It’s always a good idea to book your accommodation in advance, particularly in this city, where the demand for a place to live is so high. We have many housing options in Boston available on Beroomers!

Housing in New York

Finally, who doesn’t know New York? We’ve seen it on our television and cinema so many times that it seems that we have already lived there. If you want to experience the city for yourself, choose your student housing here and explore all the differents neighbourhoods and monuments from it.

Housing in New York

Source: Roger Schultz (www.flickr.com)

It can be really easy to find new home if you’ve already decided that you want to live here! Start by checking the accommodation options in New York city listed on Beroomers!

Is there any information you would like to add to this guide? Please feel free to comment below 🙂


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  • Vivien Lommerse

    Hi! My name is Vivien and in February I will follow my internship for 20 weeks in Valencia. I am looking for a place to stay and was wondering if you also have big student buildings with a lot of people? The link on your website wasn’t working. At the moment I am staying in a house with 30 people and I very much enjoy this. Let me know if it is possible!

    Kind regards,


    • Clara from The BeTeam

      Hi, Vivien! The BeTeam will contact you soon to help you with your search. We’re sorry that the link wasn’t working at that moment, we’ve recently made some improvements on our website so it was some minutes temporarily out of service 🙂

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