How to Make Friends during Erasmus: Wistla app!

It’s no secret that new technologies have changed the way in which people relate to each other. When going on Erasmus, one of the main problems can be to meet new people and to make friends who share your same interests. However, social media and apps are changing this reality. Such is the case of Wistla, a new app designed to join interesting events near you!

In this interview we ask the Wistla team their opinion about how to meet new people and how to use the app to make friends easier when studying abroad!

1. How important do you think it is to meet new people whilst studying abroad?

Not to sound too much like the title of an outdated travel blog, but it is often said that it’s not about where you go, but the people you meet along the way that make the journey. At Wistla, we’re all about the Wistlers – like-minded experience-seekers who share the things they love to do. By using Wistla, you will be able to find new people who share your passions, so you’re not left feeling like you haven’t found the right communities for you.

Making friends during Erasmus


2. What is Wistla about? How does it work?

Wistla is a brand new way to discover and join in the fun experiences people are having around you. Users wistl – or shout out – the things they love to do, prompting the world to join in. You can follow the Wistlers who you believe are having the best time so you’re notified when they wistl… or you can wistl your own adventures too!
The tool through which our users instigate and experience these activities and events is called a Wistl – a digital shout out about something fun happening, with a simultaneous call to friends and followers to come along. For example, students are wistling pub crawls, casino nights, art exhibitions and open-mic gigs.

Erasmus activities: meet new people


You can scroll around the map to discover all the Wistls (activities) happening in the next 48 hours. You can also set up your own profile, becoming a Wistler yourself, wistling your adventures and accruing friends and followers so they’re notified when you wistl. Wistla also provides a daily list of hand selected Wistls targeted to each user’s interests.

3. How can it help someone living abroad, for example during Erasmus?

Wistla is perfect for anyone looking to connect with like-minded people in a foreign place. The app ensures that you don’t just meet anyone. Instead, you form communities with individuals who do the exact same things that you love to do. Gone are the days of awkward introductions and the ‘hey, what do you study?’ conversations. Now you can skip straight to the activities you love. Whether you want a Karaoke night; to set up a knitting circle; gather fellow Manchester United fans; or volunteer at a local shelter, you can discover it all on Wistla, wherever you are in the world!

Making friends during Erasmus


4. Do you organize activities beyond the online world?

Wistla is the tool through which real-world activities can be created, so the ‘online world’ is used merely as a facilitator for awesome experiences. The app itself is where a Wistler can sort through all the buzzing activity going on around them, before deciding what they want to join. In a sentence, Wistla uses the online world to create real world communities based on shared love of particular experiences.
For example, next month on the 14th of April, you may join a pub crawl organized by Wistla in the neighbourhood of Shoreditch in London. Here you have the video!

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