How to find cheap flights for Erasmus

How to find cheap flights for your Erasmus

Are you planning on your Erasmus? Congratulations for that! It’s one of the most enriching experiences while being at university! Depending on your destination, the flight can be more or less expensive. So if you want to know how to find cheap flights for your Erasmus experience, stay tuned!

How to find cheap flights

1. Use several search engines to find cheap flights

Probably you’ve used an airline search before in order to find the cheapest flight. But have you thought of using several search engines? None of them has all flights and combinations, so you can save extra money for your Erasmus by spending some time comparing search engines.

Skyscanner is the one I use the most, but don’t forget to have a look at MomondoKayak, Expedia or Edreams.

search engine cheap flights


2. Be flexible with your dates and airports

One of the easiest and most effective ways for booking cheap flights for Erasmus is to be flexible with your dates and the airports you select. Search engines allow you to choose flexibility as an option when you look for flights, and this really helps!

It may be cheaper to land 100km away from your destination and then go by train or hiring a car, than arriving directly to where you are going to live. So, “be water, my friend…”

If you aren’t sure about where the nearest airports are, you can use this airports map by Google to find them. I find this tool so useful! (And there are so many places to go! It makes me want to pack my suitcase with no fixed destination).

Google Airports Map

Source: Google Maps

4. Think about your luggage in advance

So you think you’ve found the flight you were looking for…And then you discover that it has so many extra fees that it’s much more expensive than expected. If you’re going on Erasmus, it’s likely that you will need to carry checked baggage with you. So it’s definitely a good idea to look at this information before booking your flight!

As you perhaps already know, most airlines allow you to take one carry-on baggage with you for free. Of course, if you’re moving house your suitcase will be bigger than that, but it is still a relief to know that you can take your most valuable things with you: laptop, camera…or maybe your best friend’s photos (wink).

Apart from that, a good idea is to weigh your luggage at home, I always do that to make sure that I won’t pay a fee for extra weight. If you discover that it’s too heavy, it may be time to reconsider how you’re packing your luggage. You will surely want to bring back home some new things from your destination, so leave some space for them!

Suitcase full of clothes


If you’re going to London and you don’t know what you should pack in your luggage, you will surely find this information about packing musts for London very useful.

5. Subscribe to e-newsletters of airlines and search engines

This tip is so easy to follow and can really make a difference. Some offers and discounts are only available during a short time, so if you subscribe to the newsletters of interesting airlines and search engines, it will be easier for you to find cheap flights.

Once you’ve found your perfect flight, you may cancel your subscription if you’re no longer interested, or may decide to carry on receiving alerts in case you want to go back home anytime.

Erasmus cheap flights


If you have discovered another way to find cheap flights we would love to know about it!

What has been the cheapest flight you’ve booked? I once went to Italy spending only 10€. That was lucky.

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