How to Make Friends When you Move Abroad

Moving abroad is such an exciting experience! When you move to a foreign country you step out of your comfort zone and you face many challenges such as living in a complete different culture, learning a new language and sometimes even studying in a foreign language. However, the scariest part is to make friends! Where will I meet people? Will I fit in or will they be all weirdo?

Take a breath, relax and follow our tips to meet people in a new city!

Become a YES person

Would you like to learn origami? Or hike a hill to see the sunrise on the top? Or run a marathon? Your answer MUST be “yes”, “yes” and “hell yeah”!
Say “yes” to almost any plan anyone proposes you. Even if you think that it is not your ‘cup of tea’ or you have never done it before, try it!! Sure it will be fun and you can meet new friends. And who knows? Maybe you find a new hobby!

Yes person

Go to Language exchanges (Tandem)

Language exchanges are every time more and more common. People from different nationalities gather together in cafés and bars to practice language skills and meet new friends (and flirt!). If you are new in the city this is a great option to meet other foreigners who are in the same situation as you as well as locals who will be happy to host you!


Use new technologies:  Groopify

Groopify is an app that connects groups of friends who don’t know each other but who should meet because they share hobbies and interests. To join the club you should download their app in your phone, reserve a plan and a time and bring 2 of your friends. Their matchmaking team will find 3 girls or guys and will find a cool place for you to meet. Then, just enjoy, have fun and be open to everything!

Join a sport team or a gym

It seems a bit cliché but it is because it actually works! It might be because people who practice sport together share a passion or because sweating brings people together, but the fact is that it is a fantastic way to make friends!


deporte 3

Pick up your roommates wisely

Creating a family environment, where you can come back home after a long day and tell your problems to your flat mates over a nice dinner and a bottle of wine, will have a massively positive influence in your experience. Therefore, it is important that you know a bit about your roommates before you move in. You can take advantage of online platforms such as Beroomers to find your home abroad.



As you can see, making a group of friends abroad is easier than you thought, so… what are you waiting for? Move out of your comfort zone, meet new people and make friends that might last FOREVER!



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