How to move around the city with student transportation

How to move around your new destination with student transport! | Beroomers Blog

So you’re already planning how to pack your suitcase for your experience abroad? Once you arrive to your new destination you’ll need to move around in an easy and cheap way!

Public transport is perfect for this (and greener: good for you, best for the environment). It’s very common for people in Europe -even if they own a private car- to get to university or the office by bus, bike, train, metro…

Public transportation

Regardless of where you’re planning your stay abroad, there are some common tips on how to move around in student transport that will help you!

  1. Secure your transport from the airport

    Knowing beforehand that your arrival will be smooth is such a bliss…Quite likely you’ll have to carry a suitcase full of clothes, shoes, laptop…And it’s great to know that there will be someone waiting to help you! Airport services such as MyDriver by Sixt allow you to book online this kind of service (as well as other private chauffeur services) before you get off the plane.

    Passengers in an airport

  2. Look for special discounts for students

    Almost all public transport services offer discounts for students or for people under age 25. They usually publish these special conditions on their websites. However, it’s not a bad idea to visit their offices and ask in person, as sometimes they may ask you for documents which prove your age or student status.

  3. Check the transportation timetables!

    Depending on the city, the times when the different student transportation services are working may vary widely. If you have a clear idea of the timetables you’ll be able to easily move around the town!


  4. Take your transportation cards always with you!

    You’ll never know when you’ll need them. One of the best things in life is to change your plans as you go. So keep your cards always in your wallet! We also recommend you to find out if the student transport you’re interested in admits NFC technology. This makes it easier!

Move around and discover new places during your stay abroad!

Bike station

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