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What to Know about Berlin Before Starting Your Erasmus Experience

They say “A good beginning makes a good ending” so read this tips which will help you make the most from your Berlin experience!

1) Berlin´s Districts

There is an old legend that everyone has heard about Berlin… “Berlin is Cheap”. But as I said it´s a LEGEND. Whenever someone says “I will live in Berlin´s center and pay 350€ in rent” , as we often read on the internet, “some cute cat die”… So you better put your feet back on the ground before you go and get disappointed.


But we are here to help you! You will have to learn first how expensive is each District in Berlin, this way you will be able to decide and you will know what to expect. Here you have a complete map of Berlin districts:

Apartments for rent in Berlin: Map

Source: Wikipedia Berlin´s Map

As you can see, Berlin is huge! Actually, Berliners are used to commute at least 30 minutes (even commuting inside Berlin´s ring). It´s very expensive to live in the city “center” (which is the area delimited inside “the ring”; “the ring” is a circular Underground line. Check it in Berlin´s underground map )

Housing in Berlin: Map

The most known and expensives neighborhoods are the ones inside the ring so lets call them “VIP NEIGHBORHOODS”:

MITTE: It´s the most famous because it contains some of the most important spots in Berlin: Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz… (Read more about Berlin Highlights). We could find as well three well known Universities:  HU Central (Humboldt Universität), TU (Techische Universität), and Beuth. That´s why nowadays students try to live in the cheapest of it´s neighborhoods: “WEDDING” and “GESUNDBRUNNEN”

Apartments for rent in Berlin: neighborhoods




In Charlottenburgwilmersdorf you will find the largest art school of Europe: UDK (Universität der Künste).

In short the cheapest neighborhoods which happens to be the preferred by students are:



2) Apartments for rent in Berlin: rental prices

As we said there was a legend heard by everyone: “Berlin is Cheap”. IT IS NOT.

Plus when you try to book a room/flat online, people use some tricks in Germany that hide some extra high costs… so don´t be an amateur and keep reading!


A) CHEAP PRICE in expensive neighborhood – This means you will have to check if heating is or not included. And it will be not included for sure!!  (Remember that BILLS in germany could be VERY expensive! In this case you will pay more in heating than in flat but at the end this could much more expensive than you expected.)

Plus in Germany the bills arrive around April and then they will charge you the entire year cost´s. That´s why Landlords use to raise the short rental cost to avoid annoying surprises with the bills.

B) Photos with furniture doesn´t mean it´s a furnished flat – This means that sometimes they took the pictures while the last roomer it´s still living in the flat (with their furniture). So be careful and doble check always if furniture it´s included! If not at least there is an IKEA in the center.

3) Berlin’s flat haunting

Another legend around Berlin and other big cities is that “it will be easy peasy to find a flat or rooms for rent in Berlin” (either if you try to find it vía online or offline/in situ). IT IS NOT! Berlin is one of the most popular cities in Europe, because it´s the new bee in the startups world (check how many digital companies work from Berlin), because it´s famous designers… etc. So once you find a cool and affordable housing in Berlin you will be faced to the roomie casting and the other potential roomers who want it too!

So you better begin searching with enough time in before you go! (This applies as well if you’re planning to go during the Summer, which is the most popular period in Berlin (and the most difficult one to find a non expensive apartment).

Although it seems after reading all this important things that Berlin could be a nightmare is one of the coolest cities in Europe! And it happens to be cheap at least in fast food and beer!

Either if you’re a runner (Berlin famous marathon or HoliOne) or an electronic DJ or an Art lover… Berlin has too much to offer you! Be smart and book one of the apartments for rent in Berlin (including your homestay in Berlin)!

Rooms for rent in Berlin: Beroomers

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We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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