La Tomatina Festival! Take the World and Paint it Red!

La tomatina… 45.000 people, 125 tones of tomatoes and the largest food-fight in the world.

What kind of nonsense is this? Are Spaniards totally nuts?

If your answer to this questions are ‘YES’ stop reading! You totally missed the point and this festival is not for you.

If this sounds like so much fun for you, keep reading. We will explain all what you need to know about this insane festival!

Let’s start from the beginning…What is it and where does it come from?

It consists in an authentic tomato battle…. Yee, you read it right! People throw tomatoes to each other as though there were no tomorrow.
La Tomatina is definitely the most international festival in Spain. People from all over the world gather in Buñol, a small town around 30 km away from Valencia on the last Sunday of August of each year to participate in this festival.

La Tomatina appears even in a Bollywood movie!

How the Tomatina started is a mystery… there are many theories about it. The most popular says that a group of young people attacked the councilmen during a celebration. If you want to know more about its history you can check it in La Tomatina Webpage 

We hope that by now you are totally convinced to attend ‘La Tomatina’ and your next question would be… what do I have to do to attend ‘La Tomatina’?

Today is your lucky day! We are going to tell you all in detail.

1. Book your ticket in advanced

As we mentioned before thousands of people go to this festival every year. In order to prevent over-crowding, Buñol’s town hall has organized a ticket system. The tickets cost 10€ and you can buy them in the Tomatina official webpage.

entradas tomatina 2015

2. Find out how to get to Buñol

If you are coming from Valencia you have a few possibilities:
You can go by public transport. In this case, you can choose from bus or train. The bus leaves from Angel Guimerá and it is the number 265a. For more information about the schedule you can check their webpage. It takes around 55 minutes to get to Buñol.

The train leaves from Sant- Isidre train station and it is a RENFE train  . To facilitate the access to this station, it has been created a special ticket that allows using the tube system and the train.

There are several organized tours that include a shuttle bus from Valencia and from other destinations such as Barcelona, Alicante, Madrid, Benidorm. Click here to get more information.

Tomatina 7

3. Wear the right outfit

The right outfit is basically something that you don’t mind to throw after the festival. Apart from this, we recommend to carry swimming goggles or a snorkeling mask to protect your eyes. You should also take some water as it will be very hot and some food as most of the shops in the town will be closed and cover in plastic.

There is a cloack- room in Buñol for people to leave their bags but the queue is massive. We recommend to take a waterproof backpack and to carry everything with you.


4. Follow the rules

The main rule is to squash the tomatoes before throwing them and to stop throwing tomatoes when you hear the second shot, which means the end of the battle.

The rest of the rules are out of common sense. Don’t throw anything else apart from tomato, keep a security distance from the tomato trucks, etc.

Spain, Valencia Region, Bunol City, Tomatina Festival (Tomato festival)


5. Have a blast!!

If you enjoy it so much that you just want to move to Valencia, let us know! We will find the ideal accommodation for you! Visit our webpage for more information.



We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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