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How to learn a new language (by a teacher in London!)

Learning a new language can be quite a challenge, so we’ve interviewed Gabriele, teacher at The Language Class school in London, who has given us some tips about learning languages and studying abroad. Check them out!

  1. How do you think that studying abroad can help to learn languages?

Studying abroad offers many benefits, it helps you to grow both personally and professionally. First, it will expose you to the world and open your mind: you’ll visit different places and you’ll meet new friends from all over the world. What’s more, you’ll think about your own culture introspectively.

Don’t forget that you’ll be out of your comfort zone but soon you will adapt and accept the differences. Once back home you will surely be a wiser person, ready to face any future challenge.  

London life: learning the language

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  1. What tips would you give someone who is moving abroad to a country and has to learn a new language?

What is fundamental is to research information about your destination before leaving: local laws, customs, safe places to visit and the costs of life. Moreover, you might also consider to taking out travel health insurance.

Once you’re there, try to see the differences of the new place, as just differences. You might always stand out as a foreigner, but if you are able to adapt you will not feel alienated. Be open to all opportunities that may lead to social interactions and that can help making new friends. Finally yet importantly, if you can afford them, take private classes in addition to group language lessons.

  1. What do you think are the easiest and most difficult things when learning a new language?

You will understand the easiest and most difficult aspects of learning a language exactly when you’ll start talking to people who use this language every day. Patience is essential. To succeed  in languages takes times, and many people fail because they give up too soon. Learning a language demands dedication, it’s not hard but surely a time-consuming task. Everyone can learn a language, studying the grammar is easy, as well as the vocabulary, just don’t expect to be fluent overnight.

Studying abroad in London: learning the language

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  1. What makes The Language Class different from another schools?

Well, it is the method that makes the difference. We use the communicative task based method. Task-based language learning focuses on the fact that students must fulfil meaningful tasks using the target language. For instance visiting a doctor, making an interview or calling customer service for information. What makes this method different from the others and especially popular is that it helps to develop the target language fluency and above all the confidence of the students. 

Living abroad in London

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