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Learning languages can be easy! Tips by Lindsay Does Languages

If you are moving abroad soon and are wondering if learning languages can be easy, the blogger and teacher behind Lindsay Does Languages has some tips for you! Don’t miss the interview below and discover how can the Internet help you in this amazing task 😉

1. What could we expect to find on Lindsay Does Languages and why did you decide to start this blog?

Lindsay Does Languages is a blog about all things language. I both teach and learn languages, so I write from both perspectives. As well as tips and advice, I also share my own progress in language learning. I’m constantly looking to give you the best I can, and include free worksheets, ebooks, and other materials as much as possible.

How to learn a language: Lindsay Does Languages interview

I started Lindsay Does Languages as a private tuition company in 2012, but the blog didn’t come along until 2014 when I decided to move my business and my teaching online. It’s the best thing I ever did for my business.

2. What do you think are the easiest and the most difficult things when learning languages?

I think that depends a lot on whether you are studying as part of a class or alone. Generally though, it’s lack of direction and motivation that stumble most people. They can be easily fixed with good goals and accountability put in place. This is something I discuss in more detail in my blog (“How To Set Successful Language Learning Goals“).

As for the easiest thing? For me at least, that would be falling head over heels with the discovery of a whole new world. Language and culture are just too intertwined for it to be any other way.

Lindsay Does Languages tips for learning languages

3. What tips would you give someone who is moving abroad to a country with a different language?

You’re going to be in the best position to learn that language! I know so many languages that would be so envious of your opportunity right now! I think my number one tip for someone in that situation would be to not assume that living there will be enough. You will need to make the effort and put in the study time if you want to progress. Living somewhere and being immersed will help but only if you’re willing to do more.

4. How do you think that IT helps to learn a language?

Wow! So much! Apps are constantly appearing and having a great effect on language learners. Not only that, but the Internet as a whole is providing language learners with a constant stream of new and free content with which to learn a language: news articles, videos, songs, Tweets! There’s so much out there and I don’t think language learners have ever had it so good.

Tips for learning languages by Lindsay Does Languages

Are there any more tips for learning languages you have found useful in the past? Why not share them with other readers? We would be so happy to hear about them!

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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  • Ruth Kinloch

    I saw Lindsay Does Languages blog earlier and enjoyed it a lot! Glad to find her interview here on beroomers.com. No doubt it takes much more than just living in a foreign country to learn a language. As Lindsay points out, it’s a very common misconception that being immersed is enough for achieving good results.

    • Clara from The BeTeam

      Hi, Ruth! Lindsay is really nice and she gives useful tips too! Thank you for your comment 🙂

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