Housing in London: Experience

Living in London Tips!

If you are planning to study abroad in london keep reading!!

Make the most of your “Living in London Experience” with our Tips Post:

(Video made by: Gabybladdy13 )

1. Give yourself a budget.

2. Free Stuff. Visit Museums

3. Watch out for the tube.

4. Plan ahead.

5. Stock up on snacks.

6. Citymapper iphone app

7. Don´t act like you´re not a tourist.

8. Get out and explore.

9. Bring a camera an a journal.

10. Bring rain boots, a jacket, and an umbrella.

11. Remember that choosing the right housing in London is key when you study abroad. Don´t leave it to chance we got the perfect room for rent you:

Living in London: Housing

We invite you to check out the different options of student accommodation in London we offer you: student halls, rooms for rent, apartments for rent and homestay!

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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