Living on the edge – Australia Experience by Alberto Cuervo

Who is Alberto Cuervo?

I am the marketing manager and cofounder of Australian Way an Australian and Spanish company based in Madrid, Sydney and Santiago de Chile helping people who want to come to Australia and New Zealand to study and work. I moved to Australia in 2014 and I currently live in Sydney.


When did you first go to Australia? & Why did you choose Australia?

The first time that I came to Australia was 7 years ago. Australia was always a dream, a country far from the rest of the world which has the best beaches for surfing, beautiful nature with awesome and unique animals. I also believe it is the best place to improve your english. Who doesn´t want to come to Australia?




Is it difficult to move to Australia? How is the process?

Immigration in Australia can be strict. The visas are complicated and to move to Australia is not easy, but there are ways to do it. The easiest way to come to Australia is always under a student visa, because you can have a long visa and work while you study. Once you are in Australia there are ways to find alternatives. Companies can sponsor you and you work under a contract for them. Also if your career is in the list of skilled visas, there are great opportunities. In addition, last year Australia offered Spanish people under 30 years a work and holiday visa, a visa that gives you a work permit in Australia for 1 year.

Did you Share a flat or did you choose Student Hall? Why?
What did you like the most of this decision?

I was sharing a room with a friend in Coogee Beach, Sydney. The accommodation in Australia is expensive, that is why I chose something in good condition and with a good Price.


Which neighbourhood would you recommend to someone who´s moving for first time to Australia?

It depends on the city but In Sydney for example, we always recommend Bondi Beach. It is very close to the City, with all trains and buses commuting to the city next to the sea! What else do you need?

How is living in Australia? Pros & Cons?

The life in Australia is pretty good. People are friendly and it is a safe country. You have good weather almost all year round and the lifestyle is wonderful. Of course if there is something negative it is the cost of the accommodation, but the salary is higher too.

What did you like the most about living in Australia?

The lifestyle. Waking up every morning and going surfing. Plus Australian people are great, the weather, the calmness of everything, even in the cities. I especially like to get out of the city on weekends and lose myself traveling around with my van.

Did you find obstacles while pursuing your Australia dream?
How did you overcome them?
Any tip/hack you can share with our Roomers -Students?

Of course! Lots of them. But the only way to be successful is to keep looking ahead and never give up. If you persist with something because you really want it and you work a lot to achieve it, sooner or later, you will get it in the end.

How Australia changed your life?

Absolutely! After coming to Australia the first time, me and my colleague Eduardo decided to run Australian Way, currently one of the best agencies for students in Australia.

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  • Felipe Peña Rodríguez

    Hola, soy Felipe Peña Rodríguez, Philip Stone Rodrigson, para los amigos que pueda hacer en Australia o Nueva Zelanda… Después de mucho tiempo pensando, quisiera saber cómo llegar a vivir allí… Tengo 38 años y un nivel de inglés muy alto, lo único que me falta para aprenderlo perfecto es viajar y establecerme en un lugar así. No soy estudiante, ni siquiera tengo intención de hacerlo de una manera inmediata, pero también soy muy responsable y trabajador. Me dedico a la hostelería y restauración, soy un muy buen camarero y quisiera desarrollar mi profesión allí. He trabajado en el centro de Madrid hablando inglés con todo tipo de turistas de todo el mundo, y los que mejores vibraciones me han dado son los australianos, neocelandeses y californianos. Lo dicho, me gustaría solicitar información sobre cómo hacer para aventurarme a vivir allí. Si podéis leerme, gracias de antemano, un saludo.

    • Paula Cayuela

      Hi Felipe I am glad you find this post interesting! thanks for asking!

      We are not in Australia yet so we are sending your email to our Australianway friends! They will help you and send you further info about moving to Australia!


      Hola Felipe! Estoy encantada de que te parezca interesante este post! Gracias por escribir! 😀

      Si te parece bien les voy a remitir tu email a nuestros amigos de Australianway ya que nosotros todavía no trabajamos alojamientos en Australia. Ellos te informarán sobre cómo aventurarte a vivir allí 😀

      Un Saludo!

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