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Nightlife in Mexico City: clubs, quarters and trending areas

It is well known that Mexico City is one of the most frenetic cities in the world. What by day is traffic, speed and big crowds, by night is transformed into light, sound and party.

In the daytime you will be able to enjoy numerous places to have breakfast, restaurants, mezcalerías – bars that serve mezcal, a traditional Mexican alcoholic drink – to go after work, bowling alleys… in the afternoon you will find typical canteens, bars with terrace and the best restaurants for dinner, but once night falls, the city displays a great offer of entertainment promising the guaranteed fun.

Mexico city nightlife daytime

Whatever your vibe is, your favorite style of music or the colony you hang around, you’ll find your antro – club – where you can have a few drinks. 

Mexico City nightlife never stops, you will be able to find it anywhere in the city, it will only depend on your tastes to choose one colony or another depending on what you are looking for.

The area par excellence to go out in the city is the Zona Rosa, there you will find places of all sorts, from the most exclusive as Polanco and Condesa to the most crowded as San Angel and Coyoacán. 

Nightlife curiosities in Mexico:

One thing you should know if you are not Mexican is that there are differences between bar and club, mainly in the volume of the music and the atmosphere. Another very important fact: do you know what we do before we go partying? Both locals and foreigners “pregame”, something very usual in Mexico.

What’s “pregaming” about? Very easy, just as it sounds is to meet in someone’s house or bar to have a few drinks before going out to some antro, this way you avoid the traffic of Friday afternoons – known worldwide in Mexico City – and you can talk with your buddies much better than in the clubs where the high level of decibels will not allow it. Something characteristic of Mexicans is that we like to walk from one place to another to enjoy all the stages of the night: bar, antro, after, house, another house … the thing is to know when to stop and go to sleep like a log.

Mexico city nightlife mezcalería

Once you know all this, we are going to recommend you the best colonies and places to get the most out of Mexico City nightlife


As we have already mentioned before, it is one of the most exclusive colonies in the city where you will find lots places to get the most out of the night: bars, speakeasies and clubs: Jules Basement, La Santa or Rockmore music club are some of them.


These colonies are foreigners favorite places to party, whatever your mood, here you’ll have a great time in bars like Limantour, Departamento or Patrick Miller. One of the most alternative places in the colony is Can Can, the antro with the most beautiful flyers; here you will enjoy a great diversity of DJs and styles, from psychedelic rock to hip hop of the 90s, and at the same time it can become a dance floor with live music.

Mexico city nightlife party


Close to Roma, it is one of the most alternative and bohemian colonies in the city. In its streets you will find places to enjoy the night as diverse as Hanky Panky or Parker & Leno. Recently Juarez welcomed Yu Yu, a beautiful 19th century house basement with the best sound of the city for partying. 

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