Les Corts neighborhood in Barcelona

Neighbourhoods for students in Barcelona: Les Corts

Les Corts hosts the main campus of UB and UPC, and IESE Business School. Would you like to live near university? This is a quiet residential area, upscale in its northern part, and a business hub. The neighbourhood was an independent village until 1897, so it still preserves some of its rural traits. Is Les Corts a good neighbourhood in Barcelona for you to live in? We tell you more about it in this guide!

Les Corts street

Source: www.live-barcelona.oibarcelona.com

Located west of the city

Les Corts is district number 4 in Barcelona, which includes the neighbourhoods of Les Corts, La Maternitat i Sant Ramon and Pedralbes. It’s located west of the city centre, surrounding the university campus of UB and UPC. IESE Business School is located in the north of Les Corts.

Quiet neighbourhood popular amongst students

Les Corts is a quiet residential neighbourhood which was an independent rural village from Barcelona till 1897. Its origins date back to Roman times, and some remains can still be seen in the area, as well as other old farmhouses and industries, that contrast with eighteenth century and new modern buildings.

Concordia Square in Barcelona

Concordia Square. Source: Marimbajlamesa (www.flickr.com)

Nowadays, the eastern part of the district is a modern business area, where professionals work at high-rise offices. On the contrary, Pedralbes area is one of the most exclusive places to live in Barcelona, with high-end homes and schools. The south part of the neighbourhood is influenced by the Camp Nou Barcelona Stadium and the campus of UB and UPC universities, but it’s still a residential area. Les Corts is a fairly safe area overall, very popular amongst students who like to wake up some minutes later to reach their lessons!

Eat on a student’s budget (if you want)

Les Corts is both a business and student area, so you may find bars and restaurants which serve good quality food at reasonable prices. The density of these establishments is much lower than in the old city, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t find a really nice place to eat out in Les Corts! There are also expensive restaurants which offer fine cuisine, so it’s up to you where you eat.

The part of the map below Diagonal Avenue hosts most of the restaurants in the area, which serve cuisine from many nationalities including Spanish tapas, of course.

Some examples of restaurants on a student’s budget are Bangkok Café serving Thai food or La Cuina de L’Uribou Japanese food. Plus, Starbucks Coffee in Diagonal Avenue is popular amongst students.

Finally, the café at Civic Centre Can Deu offers cheap menus for students at a modernist building of decorated glass windows. It’s really nice!

Can Deu Civic Centre

Centre Cívic Can Deu. Source: Marimbajlamesa (www.flickr.com)

Nightlife in Les Corts

Les Corts doesn’t have the liveliest nightlife in Barcelona. However, if you want to party you’ll have the opportunity to do so!

For example, Black Lion Pub is the oldest Irish pub in the city with a wide variety of beer. Are you looking for authentic experiences? Then don’t forget to try this pub out! Another must is Kahala Hawaiian bar, tastefully decorated to make you feel as if you were having a cocktail in the Polynesia.

Kahala Pub in Les Corts neighborhood

Kahala. Source: www.barceloning.es

And after the delicious beverage, walk to Bikini Club and choose from Latin or electronic music to dance till dawn!

Local traditions: Festa Major de Les Corts

Festa Major de Les Corts in October is dedicated to the Catholic Virgin Mare de Déu del Remei, and dates back to the times when Les Corts was an independent village. Traditional dances, fireworks and human towers celebrate the beginning of Autumn.

Les Corts neighborhood feast

Source: www.diablesdelescorts.cat

Les Corts neighbourhood’s facilities


There are plenty of supermarkets in the areas of Pedralbes and Les Corts, so it’s likely you’ll have one of them at your doorstep.

And if you prefer to have a more relaxing time when doing your groceries, Les Corts local market is located next to Les Corts metro station. It’s a small market in comparison to others, but the food is high quality and it’s always nice to have a look at what stalls are selling that week!


If shopping is what you love, then Les Corts will satisfy you! L’Illa Diagonal and El Corte Inglés are multibrand malls at Diagonal Avenue, where you can find from luxury boutiques to cheap clothes shops.

Pedralbes Centre is the upscale version of the two. Even if your wallet isn’t ready for a big expenditure, at least don’t miss Bubó bakery inside, which has transformed pastries into works of art.

Bubo Bakery in Barcelona

Source: www.bubo.es

Sport facilities

Who doesn’t know FC Barcelona around the world? Well, Camp Nou is located in the area. Imagine the atmosphere each time there’s a match going on!

Camp Nou in Barcelona

Source: www.getwestlondon.co.uk

But not only watching sport is possible here. There are several gyms in Les Corts neighbourhood, apart from the sports facilities belonging to each university and the public sports centre Les Corts. Plus, the Royal Polo Club and Royal Tennis Club are located here!

Green areas

Les Corts has small gardens scattered throughout the area, such as Jardins de Les Infantes, Jardins de Can Feu or Jardins de Jaume Vicens i Vives, which give the neighbourhood a more relaxing feeling.

Plus, other medium size gardens are perfect places to stroll around, sit on the grass or even go running. Just write down the names of Cervantes Park, Jardins de la Maternitat or Pedralbes Park and discover them little by little.

Cervantes Park in Les Corts Barcelona

Cervantes Park. Source: www.enbarcelona.com

Cultural offer and attractions

Les Corts is a neighbourhood with a long history and this remains clear when walking by some of its streets. The Santa Maria de Pedralbes Monastery founded in 1327 is a hidden gem in Barcelona. Its arcaded courtyard is the heart of the Gothic style monestir, which hosts religious arts exhibitions.

Pedralbes Monastery in Barcelona

Santa Maria de Pedralbes Monastery. Source: www.monestirpedralbes.bcn.cat

The Royal Palace of Pedralbes from the 19th century is another must in the area. The park just beside it hosts the Pedralbes Festival in summer, when concerts take over the otherwise relaxing atmosphere.

Lastly, the Congress Center of Catalonia hosts international meetings and different kinds of interesting events for your amusement.


Living so close to the university area means that there are many libraries to study in Les Corts. In addition to university libraries, the following are available for you to revise: Biblioteca Clarà, Biblioteca Les Corts-Miquel Llongueras and Biblioteca Can Roses.


Les Corts neighbourhood is connected to the rest of the city by metro line 3 (metro stations Zona Universitaria, Palau Reial, Maria Cristina, Les Corts and Plaça del Centre). For example, yhe city centre is about 30 minutes away going underground.

Plus, the lines 1, 2 and 3 of the tram go along Diagonal Avenue, so if you’re living in the eastern part of the neighbourhood you can travel west to University City.


Diagonal Avenue in Les Corts (Barcelona)

Diagonal Avenue. Source: www.ub.edu

Rooms for rent and apartments for rent: rental rate

Would you like to live near UB, UPC or IESE Business School? Price range is very wide and the highest rental rates are found in the neighbourhood of Pedralbes. However, it’s possible to find some rooms at shared apartments for students for about 300€/month.

Whatever your budget, Beroomers can help you find your next room or flat!

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: old nineteenth century buildings stand next to high-rise offices or detached houses.
  • Location: west part of Barcelona, next to University City (UPC and UB Campus) and IESE Business School.
  • Residents: students and locals families, which are particularly wealthy in the neighbourhood of Pedralbes.
  • Local traditions: Festa Major de Les Corts in October (traditional dances, fireworks and human towers).
  • Facilities: supermarkets, shopping malls, gyms, Camp Now where FC Barcelona plays, parks, libraries, monuments…
  • Transportation: metro L3, tram lines 1, 2 and 3.
  • Rental rate: Prices vary widely, starting from 300€/month for a room at a shared flat.
  • Area of Barcelona: includes the neighbourhoods of Les Corts, La Maternitat i Sant Ramon and Pedralbes.

Les Corts neighbourhood overview

Source: www.archdaily.com

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