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Vila de Gràcia in Barcelona: The Student Guide!

Are you moving to Barcelona but still don’t know where you would like to live your next experience abroad? If you’re looking for a village-like atmosphere but with the convenience of living in a big city, Vila de Gràcia is a safe bet. This lively neighbourhood for students in Barcelona has become a popular spot for students lately. Would you like to know more about it? Just keep reading this guide!

Vila de Gràcia neighbourhood for students in Barcelona


Located northwest the city centre

Vila de Gràcia is one of the five neighbourhoods in the district of Gràcia in Barcelona, apart from Camp d’en Grassot i Gràcia Nova, La Salut and El Coll, which are more mountainous and rural areas, and Vallcarca i els Penitents, which is a well equipped urban neighbourhood. The district is located northwest of the city centre and is well communicated with the rest of the city.

A village inside the town

The district of Gràcia was an independent village until 1897 and it still preserves its original charm. In fact, people who live here say that they “are from Gràcia”, and not from Barcelona. Vila de Gràcia is the bohemian neighbourhood in the district, which has become a popular spot for students during the last years. Its varied population explains the special atmosphere: local Catalonian families who have always lived there, artists, hipsters and students are the type of people you can expect to find on its narrow and bustling streets! And not so many tourists as in other parts of Barcelona.

Terraces in Vila de Gracia Square

Vila de Gràcia Square. Source:

There are so many large squares with terraces that it’s sometimes difficult to just choose one to sit in! Vila de Gràcia is a perfect place to get lost. Stroll around its vibrant streets jammed with independent and vintage stores. In Plaça del Raspall gypsies play and dance to the rhythm of the rumba catalana, which was originated in the area. It’s overall a quiet place, despite all what is constantly happening in this cosmopolitan neighbourhood. And last, if you love modernist architecture, don’t miss some of its icons in Vila de Gràcia!

Live the cañas & tapas experience

If something defines this neighbourhood is its sunny terraces in large squares, especially those around Sol Square. Vila de Gràcia has become very popular for students, so many bars offer cheap menus, which include typical food like tapas. Catalonian people usually have tapas, which are delicious smaller portions of food, with cañas (or beer). If you want to live the tapas-cañas experience visit Gata Mala bar or popular Bodega Lo Pinyol. The latter has a nice vintage decoration and even a space with books to read whilst you drink vermouth!

Celler Lo Pinyol

Bodega Lo Pinyol. Source:

Plus, if you’re mad about coffee don’t miss the carajillos (coffee mixed with alcoholic beverage) in Café Salambó, a wooden decorated bar with a relaxed atmosphere.

Nightlife in Vila de Gràcia

At night, local people and students like to go out for a drink in the area. Plenty of bars in Vila de Grácia offer nice beverage to sit down and chat with friends.

If you can’t imagine a night out without your gintonic remember the names of L’Entresol and Elephanta: both bars offer more than 35 brands to prepare the gintonic of your dreams! Bloody Mary and Old Fashioned are two cocktail bars which are also worth a visit. Vila de Gràcia is not the place to go if you want to dance til dawn, but you can always start the night here and then move to other parts of the city.

Local traditions in this Barcelona neighbourhood

Festa Major de Gràcia is the main celebration in the neighbourhood, which includes decorating competitions that transform the streets in real pieces of art, live concerts and street stalls. It’s a local feast that attracts people from all over Barcelona during one week in August. Isn’t this inspiring?

Festa Major de Gràcia


Vila de Gràcia neighbourhood’s facilities


Vila de Gràcia is a self-sufficient neighbourhood, where it’s really easy to fill your pantry. Supermarkets, some of them offering ecological or gluten free food, are scattered throughout the neighbourhood. If you rather do your groceries at smaller shops, the local stores make it possible! Plus, Mercat de la Llibertat is the local market in Vila de Gràcia where you may find fresh vegetables, fish or meat…

Llibertat Market Vila de Gracia

Mercat de la Llibertat. Source:


Shopping in Vila de Gràcia is impregnated by the village-like feeling of the neighbourhood. Vintage boutiques sit next to locally run little stores. You won’t find big shopping malls or chain stores. Life is much more homely here than in other parts of Barcelona.

Sport facilities

Are you wondering if it’s possible to stay fit in Vila de Gràcia? There are several gyms in the area, especially when approaching Diagonal Avenue. If you prefer to do running, Sant Joan Promenade is a good place to go.

Green areas

Green areas are scarce within the boundaries of Vila de Gràcia neighbourhood. However, famous Park Güell  is nearby. It was designed by famous artist Antonio Gaudí and hosts beautiful modernist buildings. It’s divided into two areas: the free access area where tall trees cast shadows over pedestrians and the monumental zone, which can only be visited if you buy a ticket. Park Güell is one of the must see areas of Barcelona!

Park Guell in Barcelona

Park Güell. Source:

Menéndez y Pelayo and Mestre Balcells are two other smaller and quieter gardens close to Vila de Gràcia. Park Güell is really beautiful but it’s a main tourist attraction so it tends to be quite busy as you can imagine.

Cultural offer and attractions

Sol Square and Vila de Gràcia Square are undoubtedly worth a visi! The latter hosts a 33,5 metres tall clock tower and is the scenario for the human towers of the Castellers de Vila de Gràcia. Both squares have terraces waiting for you, so come here if you want to enjoy some tapas time!

Castellers in Gracia


If you like modernist architecture you should feel lucky to live in Vila de Gràcia! The neighbourhood is the location of several modernist houses. Casa Vicens by Gaudí is perhaps the most significant one. Just walk along and admire its beautiful ceramic and brick facade of the first house designed by the artist.

But there are even more things to discover in this area. Cines Verdi is a cinema which plays original version films, something that is not so easy to find! And Teatre Lliure is the place you must visit if you like the theatre.


Biblioteca Jaume Fuster was recently opened as the central library in Grácia, complementing smaller Vila de Gràcia Library. This is a pretty quiet neighbourhood, but if you need extra calm to concentrate you’ll find it!

Jaume Fuster Library

Jaume Fuster Library. Source:


Vila de Gràcia is connected to the rest of the city with the metro stops Fontana and Lesseps (line 3), Diagonal (lines 3 and 5), Joanic (line 4) and Verdeguer (lines 4 and 5). You can reach the city centre in less than 10 minutes going underground.

The sunny beach and the train station Estació de Frància are about 30 minutes away. The train stop Gràcia is very close to the neighbourhood and it connects this part of Barcelona with villages nearby. These are the distances to reach different universities:

  • UPC: 25 minutes (L3 and L5)
  • UPC Campus Sur and UB Mundet Campus: 20 minutes (L3)
  • UB Diagonal Avenue: 30 minutes (L3).
  • UPF: 30 minutes (L4).
  • UAB: 50 minutes  by train (S2).

Rental rate

If you would love to live in this hip neighbourhood, Beroomers can help you find your perfect housing in Barcelona around the area! You can find a room about 350-450€. The price depends a lot on the specific street the house is in.

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: village-like atmosphere, bustling narrow streets, locally run stores, small original bars, modernist buildings and Güell Park by Gaudí.
  • Location: northwest the city centre.
  • Residents: local families, artists, hipsters and students.
  • Local traditions: Festa Major de Gràcia is a major celebration, don’t miss the street decorating competitions!
  • Facilities: local small shops and food stores, a brand new library, theatre, cinema…
  • Transportation: well connected area to the rest of the city and the city centre (less than 10 minutes distance) by the metro. The distances to reach universities are:
    • UPC: 25 minutes (L3 and L5)
    • UPC Campus Sur and UB Mundet Campus: 20 minutes (L3)
    • UB Diagonal Avenue: 30 minutes (L3).
    • UPF: 30 minutes (L4).
    • UAB: 50 minutes  by train (S2).
  • Rental rate: you can find a room for 350-450€ at a shared flat.
  • Area of Barcelona: Vila de Gràcia is one of the five neighbourhoods in the district of Gràcia in Barcelona, apart from Camp d’en Grassot i Gràcia Nova, La Salut, El Coll and Vallcarca i els Penitents.

Vicens House Barcelona

Casa vicens. Source:

Vila de Gracia is one of the many neighbourhoods for students in Barcelona you can live in! And don’t forget to check out our complete guide of neighbourhoods for students 🙂

Vila de Gracia Square

Vila de Gràcia Square. Source:

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