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Neighbourhoods for students in Boston: Allston/Brighton

The neighbourhoods of Allston/Brighton are next to each other and are usually considered as part of the same area, to the West of the city centre. It has traditionally been one of the most popular neighbourhoods for students in Boston due to its proximity to Boston College, Boston University and Harvard University. Now it’s a bustling area next to Charles River, where you may practice water sports. Would you like to know more about this neighbourhood in Boston? Just keep reading!

Charles River in Boston

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Located west of the city centre

Although they are two different neighbourhoods, Allston and Brighton are usually considered as one unique area. It was an agrarian area until it got incorporated into the city. The northern area faces Charles River and a strip of land links it with Cambridge. In the south it limits with Brookline and in the south east with Fenway/ Kenmore neighbourhood. The influence of all these neighbourhoods give it a very distinctive character.

Trendy and bustling neighbourhood in Boston

Once considered a “student ghetto”, today the neighbourhood has a perfect combination of house owners who have lived here for their whole life and young entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and students (especially from Boston College and Boston University) from all nationalities.

This is at the moment one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of the city, loved by Bostonians because of its nightlife, huge offer of bars, restaurants and cafés and arty scene. Plus, it’s well connected with the rest of the city.

Street art in Allston/Brighton neighbourhoods


Restaurants and bars to your liking

This area has something for everybody’s taste. If you’re a morning person who enjoys sitting in a nice café and enjoying a cup of coffee, there are plenty of nice chill cafés. And if you’re more an ‘eating out’ person, you can find here the best ethnic food of the city. To choose the best restaurant just follow the local crowd!

Restaurants in Allston/Brighton in Boston


Nightlife in these neighbourhoods for students in Boston

Finally, if you are a party animal, Allston/ Brighton is your area. During the weekends students’ social life takes place around The Gardener, Ashford and Pratt Street. There are some bars where you can listen to live concerts of fantastic local bands, and others which play all sorts of music: latino, 80s and 90s music, Irish music or from the Middle East…

Allston/Brighton neighbourhood’s facilities


There are plenty of grocery stores in this area. There are larger supermarkets such as Stop & Shop, Shaw’s and Joe’s Trader but there are also convenience stores such as Cozmo Market. If you enjoy buying healthier organic food, Bfresh sells fresh food and homemade prepared meals.

Bfresh in Allston neighbourhood for students in Boston

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The area around Brighton Ave is a good place to go shopping, especially if you like to buy at thrift stores. Urban Renewals, which is one of the largest stores of this kind in the city, is located at number 122 of the avenue. Buffalo Exchange is another option in the area: this shop buys the clothes you no longer need and sells them at good price.

Sport Facilities

This area is facing Charles River, which allows practising many water sports such as Kayak  or Paddle Surf. If you are willing to practice any of these sports you can check the webpage of the rental company. It’s also a nice area to go around by bike as distances are relatively short.  The whole neighbourhood supports the Hockey Team “Allston-Brighton Youth Hockey”.

Bike sports in Allston Brighton


Green areas

Apart from small gardens all around the area, there’s a large field in the North that links Cumnock Field, Soldiers Field and Smith Playground. Furthermore, Harvard University is located on the Northeast and has some green areas between buildings.

Cultural offer

This is a very cultural neighbourhood that organizes many events to promote local artists, for instance Art in our Avenues. It aims to bring the projects of young artists to the street.

Plus, the McMullen Museum of Art is associated with Boston College and has a permanent collection of contemporary art, as well as art dating back to the 19th century.

Street art in Allston/Brighton

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Boston University and Boston College are located in this area, so you have access to these two libraries. Plus, Harvard University is also very close. Since this is a student area, many of the cafés are adapted for young people to go to study and they include Wifi.


Although it is easier to move around by tube, having a car in this area is still possible. The distance to downtown Boston and Boston Common takes around 25- 30 minutes by tube, whereas to Harvard Square it takes 45 minutes. This area also has a great connexion with Logan’s International Airport, but it will take you around 45 minutes to get there. The metro stations in the area are:

  • Allston: St. Paul St., Pleasant St., Babcock St., Packards Corner, Harvard Ave., Griggs St., Allston St. and Warren St. in the Green Line
  • Brighton: Washington St., Sutherland St. Chiswick Rd., Chestnut Hill Ave., South St., Boston College in the Green Line (B-Branch); Tappan St., Dean Rd., Englewood Ave., Cleveland Circle in the Green Line (C- Branch) and Reservoir in the Green Line (D- Branch).

Rental rate

The average rental rate is of $1559 for 1 bedroom apartment in Allston and $ 1433 for 1 bedroom apartment in Brighton. If you would love to live in this neighbourhood, Beroomers can help you find your next accommodation in the area!

Cafe in Allston/Brighton neighbourhood

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Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: one of the hippest neighbourhoods, loved by Bostonians because of its great nightlife.
  • Location: close to Boston University and Boston College.
  • Residents: mainly students but also young professionals and artists.
  • Facilities: supermarkets, convenience stores, thrift stores in the city, do water sports in Charles River, plenty of green areas, cafés or libraries to study.
  • Transportation: well connected by the tube and it’s also easy to park.
  • Average rental rate:
    • Allston:  $1559 (for 1 bedroom apartment)
    • Brighton: $ 1433 (for 1 bedroom apartment)

Nightlife in these neighbourhoods in Boston

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This area is just one of the several neighbourhoods for students in Boston you can choose! And you can read a review of the main neighbourhoods for students in different cities too.

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