Neighbourhood for students in Boston Cambridge

Neighbourhoods for students in Boston: Cambridge

Cambridge neighbourhood is an independent city which belongs to Boston Metropolitan Area. Harvard University and MIT are located here, so there’s a great university atmosphere. Are you thinking about living here? Just keep reading to know everything about this bustling neighbourhood for students in Boston!

Neighborhood for students in Boston: Cambridge


Located on the other side of the river

Although it’s just on the other side of Charles River, Cambridge is an independent city belonging to the Boston Metropolitan Area. It includes the spots of Harvard Square, Cambridge Port and Central Square.

Bustling university atmosphere

This bustling city combines quiet residential streets on the west with hip vibrant squares around the university colleges.

The area of Harvard Square is full of students and professors. Plus, it is a very independent area with many cafés, alternative libraries and music venues located around Harvard University. You should stay in the area until clubs close and make the most out of the university atmosphere.

Restaurants with international cuisine

There are also lots of amazing restaurants that get absolutely packed over the weekend. You can find really good restaurants at a mid-range price. If you like Italian or Mexican food you’ll surely find a cuisine to your expectations!

Live a student nightlife in this neighbourhood in Boston

Two of the main areas to go out in Cambridge are Central Square and Harvard Square. Both of them have many independent culture centre such as Improv Boston and Comedy Studio. There are also lots of amazing restaurants that get absolutely packed over the weekend. If you are into clubbing, Cambridge has the best universitarian atmosphere. Stay in its bars until they close and enjoy the night to the most!

Nightlife in Cambridge Boston

Beat Hotel. Source:

Cambridge neighbourhood’s facilities


If you like things easy, there are some supermarkets on MIT campus such as La Verde’s Market and MacGregor’s market and McGregiors Convenience. There are also large supermarket chains such as Shaws and Shaws, Johnnie’s Foodmaster Supermarket and Market Basket, which sells food from all over the world at very reasonable prices.

Groceries in Cambridge Boston

Johnnie’s Foodmaster. Source:


If you want to go shopping, head to Harvard Square, where you may find all kind of shops. The other option is to visit the mall CambridgeSide Galleria, with 120 stores and restaurants. It’s really easy to buy what you need in this neighbourhood in Boston!

Sport facilities

Cambridge area puts a lot of emphasis in preserving green areas and promoting sports. The oldest and largest nonprofit sailing organization, which is called Community Boating, organizes activities here.

Cambridge neighborhood for students

Community Boating. Source:

Green Areas

Cambridge doesn’t have large extensions of public parks. However, this is compensated by the open areas located in the universities. Public parkland includes the esplanade along Charles River, the historic park Cambridge Commons and the Alewife Brook Reservation on the western part of the city.

Alewife Brook Reservation

Alewife Brook Reservation. Source:

Cultural offer and attractions

If you enjoy cultural activities, this is your neighbourhood! Cambridge has plenty of cultural activities for everybody’s taste. Whether you prefer museums or street art, Cambridge has a fabulous selection.

In terms of museums, the University of Harvard owns the Harvard Art Museums, the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology. You may also visit the MIT Museum and its Visual Arts Centre.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


If you prefer street art, Harvard University organises several art events through the year. Moreover, Harvard square is always full of street musicians performing.

The architecture of this area is also amazing, apart from the beautiful historical buildings, there are modern buildings designed by some of the best architects of our time such as Le Corbusier and Renzo Piano.

Harvard Square Cambridge Area

Harvard Square. Source:


This area has plenty of libraries since each university has its own private library. There is also the Cambridge Public Library, a large building that is composed by a historical building and a more modern one built in 2009.

Cambridge Public Library

Cambridge Public Library. Source:


From Harvard Square you are only 15 minutes away by tube from downtown Boston and 20 minutes away from Boston Common. As you can see, the connexions are great! But forget about driving around or parking in this area unless you have a garage parking.

Finally, you are only 30 minutes away by T from logan International Airport.

Rooms for rent and apartments for rent: rental rate

The rental rate in Cambridge is quite high. The average price for a single room apartment is of $2056. Beroomers can help you find your next accommodation in Cambridge, so close to your university!

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: very alive student area combined with some residential streets.
  • Location: on the other side of Charles River. Harvard University and the MIT are located here.
  • Residents: students, young professionals and some families.
  • Facilities: there is something for everybody, from a great nightlife to cafés, restaurants and art galleries.
  • Transportation: about 15 minutes away from downtown Boston and Boston Common.
  • Average Rental Price: $2056 (for 1 room apartment)

Harvard Square in Boston


Before deciding yourself for Cambridge, our tip is that you read more information about other neighbourhoods for students in Boston. And, to have a wider point of view, check out our complete guide of neighbourhoods for students!

Cambridge neighbourhood in Boston


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