Fenway Kenmore neighbourhood in Boston

Neighbourhoods for students in Boston: Fenway/Kenmore

Fenway/Kenmore is a very popular neighbourhood for students in Boston, although its atmosphere is transformed each time the Red Sox play a match. It has a lively nightlife and bustling streets during daytime. Are you wondering where to live in Boston as a student? We tell you everything about it in this neighbourhood guide!

Kenmore Square in Boston

Kenmore Square. Source: www.en.wikipedia.org

Located near the city centre

This neighbourhood has a fantastic location, facing Charles River on the North. On the right it limits with Back Bay and South End, and on the left you can find the neighbourhoods of Allston-Brighton and Brookline.

Student and sports lovers neighbourhood

There are some buildings of many universities in this zone, for instance Boston University, Northeastern University, Berklee College of Music and the Boston Conservatory of Music. Therefore, it’s a popular area to live for students. The Museum of Fine Arts is also located here. This intellectual side of the area gets taken over by the cheering fans of the Red Sox when they play at the Green Monster at Fenway Park.

As you can imagine, the combination of students and sport fans makes Fenway’s nightlife one of the most animated of the city.

Fenway Park in Boston USA

Source: www.gallerygogopix.net

Restaurants in this neighbourhood in Boston

You’ll be able to find restaurants to suit your liking and budget in the area. Most of them offer American food and burgers, but there are also other possibilities, such as Indian, Mexican or Italian cuisine.

Lively nightlife

Fenway’s nightlife is really animated and it moves around Fenway Park. However, the atmosphere changes a lot from one night to the other. The nights when the Red Soxs are playing the whole area gets cover on the team’s colours and the sport bars are full to its maximum. The rest of the days students go to concerts organized in some of the bars, which also serve lunch and dinner during the day. This is the perfect zone to go out during the weekend with its animated atmosphere.

Fenway/Kenmore neighbourhood’s facilities


In terms of grocery, Fenway’s offer is very extensive, from convenience stores to large supermarket chains with all range of prices. According to Consumerworld.org, the limited assortment stores such as Aldi, Price- rate and Save-a-lot are the cheapest supermarkets to do your groceries, although you might have to visit other shops to complete your groceries.

Market Basket and Stop & Shop are a middle range price, whereas Star Market is in the highest range.

Finally, Wegman’s at Landmark center is packed with hot takeaway food such as enchiladas, Indian cuisine, pizza… this is the place to go when you’re lazy to cook!

Wegmans food store in Boston

Wegman’s Store. Source: www.laurenlovestoeat.com


Kenway Square and Huntington Ave are two really good places to discover new small shops. Or if you rather do your shopping at a mall, The Fenway is packed with restaurants, Best Buy and other stores.

Sport facilities

Running has become a popular sport in the whole US but especially in Boston. Plus, the large green parks give you the possibility of running around if you want.

Green areas

Fenway/ Kenmore has several green areas that provide you the perfect area to chill in the grass after a long day of studying. Back Bay Fens (or “The Fens”, as it is normally called), is a serpentine shaped park which is famous for the Fenway Victory Garden, Kelleher Rose Garden, and the Veterans Memorial Park.

Ramler Park has an acre urban oasis packed with trees, plants, flowers and a fountain, which make of this green area the perfect spot to spend the revision afternoons during summer time.

Ramler Park in Fenway Kenmore neighbourhood

Ramler Park. Source: www.commons.wikimedia.org

Cultural Offer

Fenway is the Boston’s neighbourhood with the highest concentration of cultural associations in the US outside of New York. On one hand, it hosts the Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, which ensures entertainment for all the art lovers. Moreover, Berklee College of Music, the Massachusetts Institute of Art and Design, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and other institutions related with art and music are located in this area. So, as you can imagine there are young arty motivated students presenting their fresh work in every corner. Welcome art lovers, you just found your home!  You can check their website for more information about public art.

Berklee College of Music in Boston


Being a student area, Fenway/Kenmore has a high concentration of public libraries. Basically, there is a library per university. Since you are a student you can take advantage of the Fenway Library Consortium, which allows you to use many different libraries amongst the city using your student ID.


This is the perfect area for international students who are ready to move around by public transport. First of all, it has a great connection with Logan International Airport (25 minutes by tube) so it will save you time when you are travelling around or coming back home. Plus, Downtown Boston is only 10 minutes away and Harvard just within 20 minutes distance. However, if you are planning to move around by car you might have many problems to find a parking spot.

MBTA Station in Fenway

Source: www.en.wikipedia.org

Rooms for rent and apartments for rent

Buildings in this area are less than 50 years old, so in general the conditions of the apartments tend to be good. There is a large number of studios and 1 room apartments, whereas larger apartments can be more difficult to find.

Rent around this neighbourhood is one of the lowest in Boston/ Cambridge. So if you’re a student who prefers to spend his/her pennies in something else than rent this is perfect for you! Another advantage is that the majority of the flats have heat and hot water included.

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Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: students and Red Sox’s passionates.
  • Location: near Boston University and Northeastern University
  • Residents: popular amongst students,
  • Facilities: plenty of grocery stores, sport bars and cool areas to go out.
  • Transportation: The MBTA stops around this area are Hyner Convention Center, Kenmore, Fenway, Longwood, in the Green Line  (D- branch) and Prudential, Symphony, Northeastern  University, Museum of fine Arts, Lonwood Medical Area and Brigham Circle in Green Line. Medical Area, Brigham.
  • Average Rental Price: 2198 $ (for 1 bedroom apartment).

Fenway Kenmore student neighbourhood in Boston

Source: www.ivinsimages.wordpress.com

This is only one of the possible neighbourhoods for students in Boston you can live in! And we highly recommend you to check out our complete guide of neighbourhoods for students!

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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