Neighbourhoods in Boston: Jamaica Plain

Neighbourhoods for students in Boston: Jamaica Plain

Would you like to live in one of the hippest neighbourhoods for students in Boston? Do you like to buy fresh organic food and meet all kinds of people? Jamaica Plain offers all of this with one of the lowest rental rates in Boston. Keep reading to find more about this trendy area!

Jamaica Plain Street


Located next to Jamaica Pond

Jamaica Plain is located South of Back Bay and Brighton, and surrounded by Roxbury on the East and by Bookfarm and Chestnut Hill on the West.

Hip neighbourhood in Boston

It’s one of Boston’s most diverse neighbourhood. Although initially it was mainly populated by latinos and young families, its proximity to BU and Northeastern University combined with the low rental rate made that many students decided to move here.

It’s a very hip neighbourhood, where you won’t find any chain store. The community of this area is committed to the environment, fair-trade commerce and sustainable agriculture.

Street art in Jamaica Plain neighbourhood


Trendy and ethnic cafés

Its ethnic diversity is reflected in the different cafés and bars, serving food from all around the world. It’s a very nice area to go out for dinner/lunch because bars are very trendy and at the same time they are quite affordable. Some of the most populars are Centre Street café and Ten Tables, a very charming café which has exactly 10 tables. There are also cool bars such as Tres Gatos, which on the front is a tapas bar and on the back a trendy indie bookstore.

Tres Gatos Bar in Boston

Tres Gatos. Source:

Quirky nightlife

Go to J.P. if you want to enjoy a quirky nightlife. You can attend a live music concert or head to one of the several bars which serve cocktails (or sangría) after dinner.

Jamaica Plain neighbourhood’s facilities


Grocery stores in this area reflect population’s taste, as people living here are very concerned about eating healthy organic food. This identity has been ratified with the opening of 2 new supermarkets of this kind: Whole Foods and the Harvest Co-op Market.

Whole Foods Market J.P. neighbourhood Boston



JP boutiques reflect the ethnic diversity and eclectic community living in the area. You can buy almost everything in the area, including vintage and handmade products. If you like to make the most out of your money, visit the thrift shops in the neighbourhood!

Sport facilities

If you’re worried about staying fit, you’ll be glad to know that there are several private gyms in the area. Apart from that, Jamaica Plain has some green areas nearby, where you can do running or cycling.

Green areas

This is one of the greenest neighbourhoods of the city. The area is surrounded by the Emerald Necklace, which was built in 19th century by the famous architect Frederick Law Olmsted. Arnold Arboretum is the jewel of Jamaica Plain, offering a stunning landscape that changes with the season.

Arnold Arboretum in Boston

Arnold Arboretum. Source:

Cultural offer and attractions

Jamaica Plain is a very arty neighbourhood, where all the cultures mix to result in a fantastic street art. Apart from the more alternative art, there are other more traditional cultural activities to do. For instance, The Loring Greeough House is a colonial structure built in 1760 and is one of the Pre-revolutionary War Houses still standing. It also hosts the Sam Adams Brewery built in 1880. You can also find in this area the Franklin Park Zoo.

Zoo in Jamaica Plain neighbourhood in Boston

Franklin Park Zoo. Source:


Apart from the multiples cafés, Jamaica Plain has a branch of Boston Public Libraries. So if you need a place to study nearby your place, this is it.


J.P.’s location is not as central as other neighbourhoods. For instance, it takes from 30 to 35 minutes to arrive to Downtown Boston and Boston Common by T. It takes around 50 minutes to get to Harvard Square. The distance to Logan International Airport is also longer, around 55 minutes. However, it only takes around 15 minutes to arrive to Boston University by T.

One of the main advantages of this neighbourhood in Boston is that if you have a car it’s easy to move around and to park.

Train in Jamaica Plain


Low rental rate in Boston

In comparison to other neighbourhoods in Boston, the average rental rate is quite low in Jamaica Plain. Would you love to live in this multicultural neighbourhood? Beroomers can help you find your new home in the area!

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: hip alternative area with a lot of cultural diversity.
  • Location: near Boston University and Northeastern University.
  • Residents: ethnic diversity, young professionals, students and hipsters.
  • Facilities: organic supermarkets, local stores, nearby green areas, street art.
  • Transportation: reach the Boston University in about 15 minutes and Downtown Boston in about 35 minutes.
  • Average Rental Price: $1,850  (for 1 bedroom apartment).

Neighbourhoods in Boston: Jamaica Plain

Source: David Salafia (

Jamaica Plain is just one of the several options you have when choosing one of the neighbourhoods for students in Boston! We also would like to invite you to read our compelete guide of neighbourhoods for students in several cities!

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